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5120x2880 x 24 x 60? What does the 24 stand for - FPS?
I use an iPhone 5S (2013 model) and yes there is glass. On the top and bottom sections of the back panel, just like on the iPhone 5. And in the same place you have those ugly plastic mouldings on the iPhone 6/6 Plus.
What Hi-Fi and Hi-Fi Choice if you have to know. The former being the most recent that I've read - May 2015 edition to be exact...I don't make shit up! The Beats reviewed okay, but still came towards the bottom of the list in sound quality.  Then there's my own personal experience with the brand, the Solo model. They came across as plasticky and overtly bass heavy with little reproduction of subtle detail either.
spheric - I concur.
I stand by what I wrote. As you said, they have great marketing...
Fascinating tech. Love the idea of nature charging your electronics - opposites attract!
I hope this isn't fake, because this is the iPad I've been waiting for!
I regularly read headphone group tests from a number of respected audio publications. The last about a week and a half ago. And while Beats headphones have improved they are still always at the bottom of the list when it comes to sound quality.
This is one of Apple's most interesting patients to date. I hope we don't have to wait too long for products incorporating this tech. Having it introduced on the iPhone 7 would be nice but unlikely, probably will have to wait for something like this a good few years down the line, on the iPhone 8 or 9 maybe.
Well that was an unexpected turn of events, and mildly amusing too...Silicon Valley to Broadway - west coast to east coast, what a contrast.
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