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A good spec jump. But I was hoping for a more radical redesign. Something a little more nuts! Like what they did with the MacPro redesign...still I'm glad to see they didn't leave the mini to obsolescence (I was starting to worry!) so that's what the 'Its been way too long' catchphrase was partially about.
Yes! My favourite Hollywood actor got the part! He'll nail it I'm sure!
So no laminated screen this around either it seems. That's a shame because the current Air's screen is not the best in sunlight, I was really hoping they would finally fix that.
Sorry but Beats did.
Yes you're right my math was way off for the iPad Air here! Sorry about that.
If this 3x res is applied to the current iPad Air it'll give 594ppi! Even to me that sounds a little like overkill res-wise. And I like my Retina displays! But if you apply that 3x res to the rumoured large screen iPad Pro - at 12.8" that works out to exactly 300ppi or print quality. Or if its the rumoured 12.9" then just over 297ppi. Anyway this new info adds much more interest to the upcoming 16th October event.
What the h...! A cash infusion of over half a billion from a successful tech firm less than a year ago and now filing for bankruptcy! Did Apple know what they were getting into when they invested in this company? Really...
Bradley Cooper would also be a good choice for the part. That's of course if this movie actually ever gets made!
It'll probably slot in above the current 27" iMac rather than replace it. Because it's going to be quite pricey I think.
Interesting reading, so it does seem the iPhone 6 bending issue isn't! On a day to day basis anyway. Still with the exception of the HTC, all the other phones tested here including the iPhone 5 are ultimately much stronger than the latest iPhones.
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