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Apple should buy Nintendo now, it would be a boost for ATV4 gaming cred.
Some surprising short comings on the spec. 4K recording still uses the H.264 codec rather than the more efficient H.265 one, and despite a 5MP FaceTime camera, FaceTime video is still 720p rather than 1080p and no mention of increased RAM. Also it seems to use the same (now relatively slow by contemporary standards) 5 element f2.2 lens as before, despite the higher-res sensor. The A9 seems to be a worthy upgrade though, I wonder if its still dual-core? As for the 3D Touch...
This was the product announcement I was looking forward to the most...so a little disappointed, it could of used an A8X for quite a bit more oomph and not a lot more money. But overall its a worthwhile improvement over ATV3 and at that price I'll probably get one. There's definitely potential here. Actually this is the first generation of a new product line, so as with Apple tradition the second-gen version might be worth waiting for more...iPad 2 big improvement over iPad...
This was easily the most impressive of the announcements today! That keyboard cover connection tech was very interesting too, as was the Apple Pencil...despite the silly name.
Maybe those motion wallpapers are a clue to the 6S incorporating an OLED rather than an LCD display? Well...there is still one more day to go, I can hope no?
The iPhone doesn't need to get any thinner. By doing so they might be actually taking a step back, because improvements in the tech of glass on glass could provide for durable wraparound displays with better touch sensitivity, giving tangible benefits to the user but requiring a slight increase in a device's thickness.
I think is more your wishlist than what Apple will actually introduce....nice though.
Doesn't seem all that different from current Apple store designs.
Apple went for a rotating crown rather than a bezel, because they chose to go with a square format rather than a circular one where a rotating bezel is a natural thing to incorporate. Personally I prefer a circular format, its more like a real watch (even though there are square/rectangular ones too, Cartier's famous tank watch comes to mind) and is more interesting visually for a tech device. Also I think if from day one you design a smartwatch and its functionality and...
Glass-Film, Glass-Film-Film. What's the difference?
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