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Nice but most of the products here (with the exception of the earphones, aluminium table and Leica camera) are just standard items with a lick of red paint added.
A 12.9 inch iPad - finally a fit replacement for my heavy paper magazines! I'm all for this, looking forward to it - if it's true that is.
I agree, Apple used to be the clear leader in screen quality on such devices. Now both Google but especially Amazon are putting out tablets with far superior displays, not just better than the Retina Mini, but better than the iPad Air too, add to that the far more accurate touchscreen electronics found in competitors smartphones as compared to the iPhone 5S and Apple seem to be losing or neglecting to a certain extent their engineering prowess of late. I wish they would...
I hope iOS 7.1 incorporates a fix for the 5S multi-sensor calibration issues. 
Better an upgraded Apple TV than no iTV at all. Still think they could make a killing in the gaming console market if they wanted too, and then jump off from there into proprietary content creation/supply market when they can. All the hardware and software required for such a device is already available.
This announcement is very good news! If they'd done it from the beginning, they could of avoided all the backlash.
Rogifan is no troll!
Too little too late...still I hope they continue to evolve the service so that it doesn't end up like Ping!
Belkin's keyboards look nicer than Logitech's.
I really like the new iPad Air, TouchID or not and I'm getting one. But the only difference now between it and the mini with Retina display, is a larger screen with a lower PPI for 100 bucks more. How do they justify such a price discrepancy for basically the same product spec? I'd imagine the Retina display for the mini is actually more expensive to produce (with its higher PPI) than the larger one on the iPad Air.
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