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I don't know about this Cortana but I have both Siri and Google Now on my iPhone and the latter understands my questions correctly far more often than the former unfortunately, to the point now that I barely use Siri at all.
Thought this was a great product until I read about the subscription requirement. That just killed it for me.
The UI - in these photos anyway does look nicer than that of CarPlay. When I first saw the screen pics of CarPlay it struck me as too literally similar to that of the iPhone and reminded me a bit too much of the Apple TV's UI - those awful channel app icons! It's nowhere near as bad as that...but still Apple could of made it slicker looking, and they yet might in version 2.0 or 3.0 maybe.
This is an interesting product and pretty much what people were expecting for a next-gen Apple TV. I really hope Apple have got something to counter this in the pipeline - the sooner the better!
The A7 in the iPhone is clocked at just under 1.3 GHz, if they doubled that clock speed to what you might see in an Intel i5 (as used in the 13" MBPr I'm writing this with!) both dual-core 64 bit processors, I wonder how close in performance the two would be?
4.5" - Aye? The current option is 4".
I reckon this next-gen Air might replace the 13'' MBPr too (the one I've got), not just the current Airs.
Ever since I read that Aaron Sorkin was on board to write the script, I'd been racking my brains thinking who would play Steve, and couldn't think of anybody suitable (I have to admit Ashton Kutcher wasn't half bad!) and now I read here it could be Christian Bale, and it fits! I'm also surprised at myself for Bale not occurring to me either, as for a good few years now, he's been my favourite Hollywood actor! (It used to be Johnny Depp but he's been doing too many...
Due to the aspect ratio of 4K video - 16:9 and 21:9, if Apple sticks with the 4:3 ratio 8MP sensor in the next iPhone, it won't be able to incorporate 4K video even if it wanted too. It would require at least a 13MP 4:3 aspect ratio sensor to achieve that I think.
New Posts  All Forums: