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I know Kuo is usually right, but I hope he's wrong this time. The iPad Mini Retina display's colour gamut is way off the that of the iPad Air (I've checked them both out myself at my local Apple store, and you can see the difference!) and its competition from Google and Amazon. That needs to be addressed and Touch ID is a no-brainer too. I don't think its beyond Apple's capabilities this year to incorporate an A8 SoC, Touch ID and improved display in the Mini. As for the...
Thing is, its most likely that Apple has already got in development a smartwatch of their own that's much more sophisticated than the Pebble. None the less I wish Pebble well, they seem to be a nice little company.
I thought the iWork suite was a free for all now? Why the dollar charges for those that don't have it?
A little disappointed, home automation has the potential to be huge I think. Apple should really have purchased Nest when they had the chance.
Quite a nice looking device, an improvement on the original plastic version. For what it is, it looks quite discrete, especially in black.
A large screened iPad would be ideal for my needs. I hope it's a real near-future product and not just a rumor.
Very interesting tech. Seems to be the better of the various induction technologies currently available (if this proof of concept works as advertised of course).
I didn't know Apple allowed any sort of additional storage to be connected directly to its iOS devices.
I'm an audiophile and download a lot of HD 24bit music and it eats up capacity like there's no tomorrow. Even the Classic's 160GB capacity is woefully inadequate!
I reckon this might be the beginning of Google home-bots - the next big thing in consumer electronics circa 5 to 10 years from now! lol
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