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You shouldn't worry. I have a large photo collection that's dear to me too. Yet I took the plunge and it was seamless. All my separate albums and Events transferred just fine. Everything is not just stuffed into one universal album as you seem to think. Also unlike many people apparently believed from the forums I followed. Photos doesn't duplicate everything in your iPhoto file to the separate Photos file. But creates links to those photos that are in your iPhoto file...
The Moto X Style has a good spec for the price, the other two are rather middling by comparison though. If I was in that market I would consider it. From what I've read elsewhere the Style also has a nano-particle coated water repellent body like the Play too...that might be a feature worth having on future iPhone's I think, just wonder how durable such coatings are though?
10 million subscribers only, I thought it would be much much higher than that for the free trial period. While then falling dramatically after the trial period is over. Not so sure now that this latest endeavor by Apple is going to be a success in any big way now.
It would be nice to see future iMacs go super slim and the Mini go super compact by ditching their standard hard discs for SSD's only, like their MacBook counterparts.
So a 10nm A11 for 2017s iPhone 7S then...nice.
I really don't trust that Mullah regime and its motives. One part of me hopes this new deal will succeed and maybe moderate the Iranian government over time. But another part of me thinks this is going to come back and bite the world in the arse, in as yet unforeseen and deadly ways. As for the average Iranian citizen being able to officially purchase Apple products...I have nothing against that.
This rumour makes perfect sense. Upgrade the Mini to near Air 2 level (an A8 instead of the A8x maybe) in a slimmer body, again like the Air 2 last year. And concentrate main focus on the state of the art new flagship iPad Pro with large screen, A9/A9x, Force Touch with stylus etc...
Eddy Cue is the one I would like to see leave. The albatross around Apple's neck, he's the one responsible for Apple's lacklustre web services and Apple Music is not without its bugs too. But anyway this is a good iPod Touch upgrade, better than I was expecting - A8!
I've always thought that the Nano would of looked much better without that white front panel. With instead the screen and home button inlayed directly into the metal casing, like the screens used to be in older generation Nano's. Also as others have said here, its overpriced for what you get. For that bill and a half it should have at least a 32GB capacity, or a drop in price. In addition the Shuffle should have been upgraded to 4GB a long time ago...the new colours are...
Curious indeed..?
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