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Maybe the A7 in the iPad has a higher clock-speed than the iPhone 5S? A little disappointed there's no Touch ID though.
There was an article here a day or two ago talking about inventory levels of various Apple devices, and it showed there to be a great deal of Apple TV's in stock, so this article makes sense in that context. Still, I'm a little disappointed, it would of been nice to have something exciting like a re-designed Apple TV released tomorrow together with the new iPad's.
Much-ado about nothing IMO. Still, a new-gen Apple TV announcement would be a very nice pseudo-surprise on the 22nd. And now for one more thing... haven't heard that in a while!
These icons are much nicer than the previous ones IMO.
This seems like a very good hire on Apple's part.
I'm still hoping for a Mac mini redesign (A shrunken like version of the new Mac Pro in iPod Touch anodized colours) and Aperture X. But I suspect both are unlikely to happen.
Is that why they haven't updated the mini to Haswell - instead phasing it out for a new budget iMac next year? Or will there be a completely redesigned  mini resembling a shrunken version of the new Mac Pro coming out on the 22nd? I suspect the former, we'll see in just over a week...
The only tangible advantage Android phones have over Apple, for many people, are those larger screens. If Apple came out with a larger screened phone to complement their 4 inch offerings they'd make a killing...maybe if those small screened Android devices had the same spec as their larger siblings and not a curtailed one, they'd sell more of them. I'm sure there are people who want compact, pocketable smartphones too, but are not idiots and want a good spec with it...but...
I love its sleek minimalist styling and that sleep monitoring function could be very useful for me too, together with its other functionality. I'm very interested in purchasing this.
Still not coming to the country I live in yet - very frustrating! I'll probably have to wait until December or the beginning of next year and beyond! Its always this way, the very last to get the new iPhones - I was hoping it would be different this time! Samsung released their Galaxy S4 almost straight away over here but not Apple, no wonder everybody over here seems to be or have already gone over to Android - but I'm not giving in, I'm sticking with Apple even if Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: