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The stainless-steel versions (my personal favourite) starting price is quite a lot higher than I was expecting, if I buy I'll have to go with the aluminium.
With the new decently priced 12" MacBook Retina out there now. Is anybody going to want a plain old MacBook Air anymore, even with improved specs?
The Apple Watch may be the main focus here, but I'm also hoping for some major announcements on the Mac front too: 21.5" 4K Retina iMac, MacBookAir Retina, major upgrades to the rMBP and MacPro lines (Thunderbolt 3 maybe using the reversible Lightning connector, to compete with USB 3.1) and just maybe a nice new 32" 8K Cinema display to top everything off...dream on aye! None the less I'm looking forward to this event. 
Apple is really going to have to offer something very special if streaming is going to work out for them. There are so many good services out there already, Spotify still overall, the best apparently, that I fear this exercise in music distribution is going to ultimately fail for them, with billions of Dollars down the drain as a result...maybe high-resolution audio streaming across all of Apple's global markets from day one would help, but very unlikely to happen. I still...
Apple should do this ASAP! The Mini 3 was a joke.
2304x3072 pixels at 297.67 PPI. If the screen had a 12.8" diagonal rather than the rumoured 12.9" one, it would be exactly 300 PPI, which is what you get on most printed magazines. This iPad would make a great magazine replacement, something the current iPad Air 2 is not quite large enough for IMHO.That's what I think too, and is why I've held off purchasing an iPad so far. I mainly want one to replace the tonnage of heavy paper magazines I currently schlep around with me...
That's disappointing, I was really hoping for a fall release.
Seems promising.
Hate to admit but despite Samsung copying a lot of ideas from Apple here, these are still very impressive smartphones. The first time I've ever said that for a Samsung phone product!
From what I understand the billions the US sends over there is predominantly military aid to help finance the development of defensive systems like Iron Dome etc. I don't think the US has sent any civilian aid there in years, the country doesn't need it anymore...modern efficient economy and so forth.  I think its a shame that every time Israel comes up in forums that are not related to politics, the politics still come into it. I'm sure most of the people over there just...
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