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Now I'd like TC and Apple to go further and finally provide audiophile quality hi-res lossless music downloads too!
Patent 2 reminds me of the Contax T2 camera from the 90s which incorporated a synthetic sapphire shutter release button.
Sapphire flexes?
So why don't you buy a battery case. That'll give you the battery power you desire and protect your iPhone.
"To make a smartwatch work you need two hands or voice recognition, which again needs a lot of power, which is difficult in a very limited space, Hayek said." This guy is incredibly unimaginitive and knows very little about technology!
Viber has had this feature for a while now.
So maybe that's why Google Now seems to understand what I say to it far better than Siri does? Maybe when Siri becomes fully 'neuralized' I'll start using it again.
Good...if true? Better than those awful 'rubber bands' on the mockups.
If I have to migrate my libraries to Lightroom I'm not too bothered, as long as Adobe provides a straight forward way to do this. It's been the better product for a while now anyway. What worries me is that they'll only provide that via their subscription model and not via the standalone version of Lightroom you can still currently purchase without the need for a subscription. If that ends up being the case I'm not doing it! I don't want to subscribe to Adobe, and will...
Tim Cook's gay...so what, old news. What's important is that he's a capable CEO for Apple. And after some doubts on that issue when he first got the job, that's what he seems to have turned out to be. Gay-shmay it's a non-issue really.
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