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A few years back I started to use Safari on my Windows laptop instead of IE and was initially pleased by the change, but then I noticed a rapid slowdown in performance that no matter what I did, didn't improve. So I moved over to Chrome which turned out to be a revelation speed wise on my setup, and have stuck with it ever since, its quite primitive looking yes, but its fast. Safari I still use when on YouTube because it plays full-screen videos much better than Chrome...
 The iPhone 5 definitely will, older models such as the 4 and 4S won't have everything iOS 7 has to offer though.
I'm very curious to know why the 5C display seems to be better than that on the 5S?
Certain skeuomorphics can stay in iOS I think - and iBooks is one of them.
I would like the option to download HD 24bit audio tracks and albums - come on Apple, Steve wanted this too! Will it ever happen?
Just watched the first few minutes of the video in 720p...ehh not so great - blotchy colour with very limited colour gamut and the models skin tones look way too orange. And just look at those burnt out clouds and unnatural electric blue sky tone. Well it is a tiny phone sensor after all, I suppose its ok for what it is. Definitely sticking with my DSLR!
One major thing lacking in both new phones but especially the flagship 5S is the super fast new WiFi-ac standard that Apple seems to be implementing in all its other new products, why not in the 5S? Its an oversight as nearly all the competitions new flagship smartphones seem to have it. The upcoming Nexus 5 is going to have it as well as high resolution 24 bit audio DAC's, something I've been hoping Apple would incorporate into its devices and Mac's for quite some time...
This is not a good situation for Apple which ever way you look at it. There's a problem with the 5C, its a great phone but with the much more sophisticated 5S going for only a 100 bucks more, people who are in the market for an iPhone upgrade see the relatively small price difference, and are holding out for it instead, and I'm one of those people. Before the official announcements I was looking to go for the 5C off-contract for the $400-450 price tag I was expecting,...
That's a very good point. Also the diagram above for the ARM Cortex-A50 series, indicates that the designs are for 20nm and 14nm processes, so maybe the A7 does actually already use a 20nm process rather than the 28nm or 32nm processes previously suspected...now that would really be a jump on the industry. For once Apple's 'doubling down' on security paid off!
I think China reservations for the 5S before anybody else it seems, is symbolic for Apple of the importance of the Chinese market. Also the 5S is Apple's most expensive iPhone, so the amount of initial orders from China won't be high enough to cause delays in launching the 5S elsewhere in the world, as it would say - in the States where more people can afford this premium model...maybe? Or it might just be to avoid scalping after all.
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