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Tim Cook's gay...so what, old news. What's important is that he's a capable CEO for Apple. And after some doubts on that issue when he first got the job, that's what he seems to have turned out to be. Gay-shmay it's a non-issue really.
For 100 Dollars more than the 4.7" version with contract you get a 5.5" FullHD display and double the amount of Flash memory - makes sense and is worth the premium, but depriving the 4.7" version of OIS is not a good idea considering much of the competition has it already or will be getting it soon, with model upgrades...and it is the official flagship.
Unlikely to happen me thinks! Nice if it did though.
On a related subject (sort of) wasn't there a lot of talk a while back that Google's plan was to ultimately replace Android with Chrome OS? Seems like they've scrapped that idea then.
YeaYeah, couldn't agree more, Apple should of kept to the rules as is pertaining to this matter.
Those fat ugly 'rubber bands' on the back panels of these mockups, where the glass inserts used to be, are still bugging the hell out of me! I still can't understand why Jony Ive would allow such a faux-pas. Its ruining the whole new design for me.
The lower two screen shots of this app remind me of that 80s vector graphics game Tempest.
I reckon the Apple logo metal cutout and the metal top and bottom panels on the back are Liquidmetal parts. Because that's the only metal I know of that would allow RF transparency for the various wireless antennas. Those thick looking plastic separation lines on the back are also still incredibly ugly! I can't believe Apple with its best in the industry industrial design, couldn't find a more elegant solution.
You're stating the obvious.
A very good development and about time! But like someone else mentioned here, Notification Centre already looks rather fussy and lacks the elegant simplicity of other parts of iOS. The whole interface needs to be cleaned up and rethought somewhat.
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