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Why is eBay spinning off PayPal?
I was also thinking about this the other day. Imagining Apple's iPhone lineup next year consisting of: A) An iPhone 6c - Basically a re-bodied 5s in an updated polycarbonate body, as the "free" iPhone. B) The iPhone 6 Mini - 2014's iPhone 6 in a smaller body with the 4" display, as the $99 iPhone. C) The iPhone 6s with all the latest tech. D) The iPhone 6s Plus with the larger screen. So all of Apple's iPhone lineup would now come with the 64bit architecture and Touch ID...
I tend to agree with applesway, in that the 12" retina model would likely replace both current MacBook Air models. Also next year probably, Apple's 21.5" iMac's will also be upgraded to retina level. Thus making all of Apple's Mac range (with the exception of the screen-less Mini) retina. To go with their retina iPhones and retina iPads...and I suppose retina-res Apple Watch.
Fassbender is Irish not German I think?
This is all well and good and I'm a huge iPad fan, but sales of that device have plummeted for Apple of the last year, which is worrying.
I have three pairs of headphones covering lowish (AKG Y50), mid-tier (Philips Fidelio M1) and high-end (B&W P7) price points and they're all great sound quality wise, but you can still easily tell which ones sound better and its the more expensive models! So its not a myth that usually the more you spend on a headphone, the better the sound you get from them. With the exception up until now being Beats headgear that is, which aren't! These new designs still look way too...
I'm a chip design fan, especially when it comes to CPU and GPU architecture. So I personally really like these kinds of articles. Still, I would like to see a full photo of the A8X here, hopefully one will turn up soon.
Philips already make an excellent Bluetooth headphone as part of their Fidelio line and its recently been upgraded too. It's won best Bluetooth headphone of the year, two years in a row at a respected British HiFi publication.
So it seems, Apple not as fast to react as some think, none the less they're doing something about it now, only a day after I first heard about this malware's existence in the first place, which is good!
Like 'wisely' friend I really would like a 12" iPad to replace my magazine subscriptions even if it is heavier than an iPad Air 2 who's screen is not large enough for my needs in that department... looking forward to see what Apple comes up with.
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