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You are so wrong on all counts.The keyboard does not compare with android or the new Blackberry, this is fact.Did not exceed limit, I think I know how to count, but it refused to back up on iCloud.Updated to iOS 6 on a iPhone 4S, and it bricked the wi-fi, Apple admitted it was their fault, and a common one.Returned two iPhone 5s where the home button would freeze up, again many complaints about this on the Internet.No they are not purchased in the grey market, purchased...
Really? So where are the new channels then ? Not in Australia matey, tough luck, only US. Apple have to be very careful as this US centric policy could back fire on them.
Apple has a large enough of an Eco system without the "help" from google,What can google provide that Apple or 3rd parties cannot?
Yes I know this, but you actually confirmed what I mentioned earlier, why is Apple helping google?If google makes 80% of its revenue from Apple.Surely people can use the stock iOS apps or use alternatives.There are many whom defend Apple against google on this site, if they use google products then that is contradictory.
I was certain that gmail is from the evil empire.Yes, it would be most interesting if Apple banned all their crap, but alas I can only dream.
Lol! What's the ******** point. Apple is so US-centric its no longer funny. I have an Apple TV and the offering of movies leaves a lot to be desired, hopefully this will improve over time. My biggest gripe is that Australia doesn't appear to be Apple's radar. I also like French cinema, the selection available is very minimal. If Apple improved their services I would cut the cable TV link.
It sickens me that Apple allows any of this crap on its hardware.Why are they helping google? Are they not at war?
**** me, you again. Can you get lost.
Not a troll thank you, how about stopping the left side of your brain from reflexing and think for a change.These are legitimate concerns and I can list many more. To simply bury your head in the sand is the wrong thing to do. Apple could licence the Blackberry virtual keyboard (at least try to). So you see mr. Smarty pants, I have mentioned a possible solution, what have you done? Simply wasted cyber bits on your personal attack.
Apple is beginning to sour for me. The keyboards on the iDevices are simply terrible. Auto correcting when none is needed, and now lag. Not getting the Apple TV update that was announced a couple of days ago (Australia). Surely with their pile of cash they can fix these problems. iOS 7 looks far too android for me from what I have seen, I hope they change it.
New Posts  All Forums: