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Lol! Looks like AI added this article to simply annoy me. Why not change the site's name to google insider?
This will be a massive failure, samedung cannot innovate if its life depended on it. Remember the rumour of the Apple TV, so samedung hyped their new TV to the world's media, many were predicting amazing things, they were all wrong. Just a monstrosity on a swivel base. That's the level of their innovation. As a side note, I wish to announce that I could not take my first and only samedung LCD TV to the forest and attack it with an axe, after it dropped dead 1 week after...
Why is AI furnishing google with free advertising for gmail. Don't you all know that it scans your emails and is the chief source if spam on this planet? Irrespective if you use it or not, you will be targeted. Please AI, stop helping google. I am google free but get annoyed when I have to read, even by accident, anything to do with them.
There will be no watch. On this thread people make mention of this hypothetical thingy linking up with the phone. I don't get the point of this. Why have two devices? How will the human interact with it? Surely not by typing, it will have to be voice driven, this technology has only started, and needs developing. Me thinks this iWatch is something entirely different or a Trojan for samedung.
Well spotted. He also is an expert in the field of Chemistry.
SoSo now you are a lawyer and know for a fact that Apple was lazy with their filing.Do you people ever stop with your BS?
I would prefer BB be successful than any of the android tablets and phones. Sure they irked me with amateur hour is over crap and laughing when the iPhone first came out, but they had two morons running the company, so what else would you expect. Gad, I would even prefer Microsoft be more successful than the android garbage. I do however think that BB made a huge mistake in allowing for porting android apps, lets hope they have a really robust QA system in place to handle...
You should wake up and smell the coffee. Widgets are fine on desktops but not on mobile devices, I don't want even 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% wasted battery life because of some stupid widget.
There is NO need to change the UI, it performs its function perfectly well. iDevice use is driven by the App Store, so a grid of icons that shows your Apps is perfect in my opinion. A little tweak here and there is okay.
So why do you care? I still don't get you boy? You hate Apple but comment like there is no tomorrow, what's in it for you? Please tell me.
New Posts  All Forums: