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Just made it up, I thought it would be approipriate.
The article was on AI a few days ago, and you commented on it. Jeeze you have poor memory, or is it a selected one ? If someone tells me, you have a 78% chance of being hit by the train if you cross at the level crossing that is not controlled by warning lights and a barrier, versus 0.17% if you cross where it is encouraged to (due to warning/barrier etc.), I guess you would not only cross where its dangerous but poke your tongue to mock those who do the correct thing....
Blah blah blah Facts are presented to you android apologists, but facts are irrelevant when it hurts.
Anal extrapolation much? I.e. full of shit Android outselling the iPad ? I don't think so.
For someone who thinks he/she is up to date tech news wise, you certainly are not, or are spinning again?78% of malware is found on android devices versus 0.17% for iOS.So malware is not a problem? Are you serious?I see, you have your own definition of malware now!You are so easy to catch out, how many timesis that now?
You used IT.You told me off for the same use of the word.I do have an amazing memory
This is news ? Just woke one of my two cats to tell them this, they yarned, snarled and went back to sleep in the high 30s Celcius heat. EVERYONE knows, or should know that android smart phones are used as feauture phones and are a waste. Its like giving a NMR Spectroscopy machine to a poor African villager. (Note: No disrespect to the African).
Hoarding cash just for the sake is pointless. I wish Apple would fix the virtual keyboard on the iPhone. I upgraded to iPhone 5 with the latest iOS, and there definitley is a problem. My typing actions have not changed, hence it must be the fault of the software or hardware, please do not attempt to tell me otherwise. With all that money surely they could give us a better typing experience.
Pity they didn't make it (samdung's thinking), would have solved the issue of multiple iterations in screen size that samdung had to go through to arrive at their current monstrosities.
Glad to hear that Sony has been good for you as it has for me.I assume Sony manufactures their products in Japan, if so, this explains the quality of their products.
New Posts  All Forums: