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So tell me, how many products have Apple released officially as beta? To my recollection, only Siri.So why did they do this? To get there first? To help differentiate a new product from an older one?I'm still waiting for an answer but not getting any, just apologies for Apple.People should be less defensive and more critical, otherwise be like an Ostrich.
I hope Sony becomes more successful and begins to flourish as they were pioneers and deserve more success. Not sure what I could suggest as I don't have enough expertise. Maybe an option would be to partner Apple on a larger scale.
I like Sony. Have a cathode-ray TV, 17 years old and running perfectly. I won't get rid of it until it packs in. I recently purchased my first flat screen TV from Sony and I love it, although the UI is just ok. Bought a Sony Ultrabook for my wife's work, the build quality blows Samsung crap out of the water, although doesn't compare to my MBA. I had a Samsung LCD and it lasted a few months past warranty, it's in the garage awaiting my axe when I find the time and place to...
I know the Apple stocks are down so you may have a vested interest.I think I am allowed to criticise when I feel it's warranted.By one of the comments aimed at me: "if you don't like AI" you can leave.Gads I get this bullshit all the time. You don't like something about Australia you can leave etc.What moronic childish statements, so no one is allowed to criticise?Grow up people.
You beat me to it.
I never painted Siri as a bad product as you assume, I think it was not ready for prime time.
It was a tongue in cheek comment in the context of the current political situation with regards to NK.I would never advocate the killing of any body, let alone an entire country.It was a means to show others that perhaps NK is not really the enemy here.
So basically doing as it pleases
What waffle. Did you read my post at all? What are u on about? Putting worlds in my mouth.
How come I need to waste my precious time and spell things out.It needs to be improved, and WHEN it does to an acceptable level then it won't be called a beta product.I will come back to answer your other pointsTo be continued ...
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