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It makes too many mistakes, I suppose for beta this is acceptable. However it needs to be improved, most would agree here. it needs to have far greater integration with settings for instance.It MUST not rely on google at all, tie it in with Yahoo or Bing when it cannot give a definitive answer and must resort to a search. I will not use it unless I can change this default setting somehow.
Siri needs to be improved. It must be taken out of beta. I have no idea why Apple released it in the first place as it was not ready. To beat the copyists maybe? Hindsight has made this a moot point. I think Apple should wait till Samsung brings out something innovative and blatantly copy it. Lets see how Samsung feels then. But heck, we will be waiting a very long time.
My posts are again being deleted. I didn't know I was living in communist USSR. My posts are my opinions just like others and yet are being removed.
I like Dan's articles they are well researched.How come you are not hired by AI to write articles?I know why, is because you have nothing of value to share with others.Just one-liner swarmy obnoxious remarks.
Well caught.He lies all the time, just posts URL after bloody URL.Hoping that no one checks and digs deeperNever a cohesive or intelligent post, ever.But the mods love him.
Um look and comprehend maybe, is that too difficult of a task for you?
And before I get cited by talking politics, remember I didn't start it. It wasn't me Gov'nor.
Ever thought why they did that?Perhaps being surrounded with pro-US enemies armed to the teeth, ready to destroy your country and kill your loved ones. I think throwing trash is minor, don't you? I bet you never did that ??????????
You hit the nail on he head.All google's stuff has really terrible UI, who the hell are their designers?They keep on changing YouTube (the only part of google I touch), for no apparent benefit.I don't have that garbage flash installed and before I could filter by WebM, now that's gone.Stop defending crap people, tear away your loyalties and be unbiased. Call crap what it is, crap.I think Apple's web site is crap, it used to be better, now it's hard to do the simple and...
New Posts  All Forums: