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I live in Australia and Apple Maps works very good.Sure there are some issues, but google maps also has issues.
My sentiments also, well put.I was speaking to a co-worker this morning, on why he has an android phone.His answer: "Because its cheap and I really only use it for making calls"I wonder how prevalent this view is. Very high in developing country but in developed countries like Australia it would be significant.In my opinion if a smart phone is not being used as such, should they actually count as smart phones in the first place? So these millions of android activations...
Believe it or not I actually agree with you.See I'm rational, hopefully this will catch on.
Wrong. I will call it cheap looking. Watch for my posts if/when Apple decides to make plastic garbage for the poor or stingy.
They deserve the fine. They were warned and even apologized for the mistake. Actually this concept is quite simple, not sure why some of you don't seem to understand it. Anyway, it was a "technical problem". Really? Their developer doesn't know how to hard code 12 entries or utilise a cursor mechanism, if stored on a database table, onto a screen them action the selected item? I say fine them billions for their clusterf$$k.
There are more permutations in a game of chess than there are atoms in the universe. Breaking news! The latest version of android means that it overtakes all possible chess moves.
I followed the thread it was about 5 posts long after you posted.I also read the article.Even Samsung says its made of plastic.Polycarbonate is a plastic.So why did you post that its made of polycarbonate again?To place a doubt or twist in some of the people's mind that polycarbonate is NOT plastic. Most people equate plastic with cheap. I know it's properties and advantages.No one is saying that its flimsy or damages easily, it doesn't. We are commenting on the asthetics...
Seriously I am not going to reply to each idiotic post. I will however make mention of KD's assertion that polycarbonate is not plastic. I a chemist. Polymers are long chain organic compounds and plastics are polymers. Polycarbonate is a polymer. Hence polycarbonate is a plastic. Sheesh KD are you all together there?
I agree +1000000000000He sickens mePlease can him immediately
Hang on you are using evidence, the ultimate troll KD will simply ignore it or spin it every which way he can.
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