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There are android developers ? I thought all their apps were wallpapers or app killers to try and save their pathetic battery life
Generally true but the Samsung nexus Canadian telco one doesn't. The telco or Samsung prevents it. Go figure.
BullshitBullshitGmail scans your personal emails is this not a form of tracking?Man U are full of shit todayDidn't you get a duck last night?
Really? Insulting people again, you are good at that. What educational qualifications do you have? What makes you better than all others. You are pathetic and come across as a smarmy know it all.I think my educational qualifications exceed yours.
Idiotic post reached new lows, even by your standards. I don't use google and life is real nice. Tell me why I need google again? I see, to track me and show me ads.
Nice. The best meeting the best. So how will our resident trolls respond to this? GG: 23 URLs that purport android support for the vehicle industry? KD: A technology sermon of the inner workings of the Ferrari engine to wow us with his tech knowledge, but not adding anything to the discussion. Knowledge he/she cuts/pastes from the Internet
Funny how google and samsung are going eyes, while Apple stays with fingers. With the lag in android OS, I guess the user of this handset will be blinking, squinting, crying (in frustration) and whatever. What a wonderful concept.
May I add. The poorer the person the more chance he/she smokes, partakes in alcohol (excessively), gambles or buys take-out food. The later costs a lot more than meals cooked at home. No need to discuss the others. So the differential in costs between the iPad and the rest of the tables is minimal or zero when taking these facts into account. Off course the iPad user may also follow these unsavoury attributes, but statiscally it will be lower than the others. I saw...
So. I buy a Mercedes at $100K or a shitty locally produced car for $30K, which one is better ? I can, because I can. People who were lazy in their lives, not well educated, resulting in jobs that pay less only have themselves to blame. I buy the best because I can afford it. So whats your point again ?
No insults, unlike your earlier replies to me. Report me then. As you are defending him, go and defend his statement. I refuted it, but as usual I won't get a reply, or if I do it will have URLs all over the place. Please try to argue in your own words.
New Posts  All Forums: