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Point taken. I suggest you ask GG where the insults were in my first reply to KD. There are none. I already questioned him with regards to shipped versus sold, did you read? He, as usual blatantly lies or spins. I caught him out, again. Enough said.
My uo
No he is right channel stuffing versus a sale are two distinct things.I know you are a Samsung troll but please take of your blinkers it will help you see the real world.So how many Samsung phones have been SOLD? A billion in your books, yet when taken to court to pay the fine, Samsung states 1/10 as much. Remember the smooth sales of the galaxy 7 tab. 2 million, what was the real figure?
Stem cell technology is not capable of actually creating/growing organs.A common use, is to treat diseases/illnesses caused by generic defects.I think I know what I am talking about as I degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry.
True, but Samsung managers crying "look we are way behind the iPhone, we must copy it" sure does. Listing all iPhone features and then comparing against own phones and making recommendations to designers to make it look exact is stealing. Heard of the Wallet?Now why did they fragrantly copy Apple.It's to say we can insult you and there is nothing you can do about it.Now you know why I hate Samsung and all the other thieves, worse of all I hate their supporters, people like...
Exactly. If I lost my brain and purchased a samsung phone or tablet, I would be lumbered with a hard copy user's manual, as its MANDATORY to read and understand  before you even turn on one of their wonderful devices. On the other hand, people who know ziltch about computers and like to keep it that way, just get the iDevice with maybe a few pages of colourful glossy information and away they go, no need for a manual. The android/samsung/google trolls on this forum try...
No the manual is online, not a hard copy, u like others.You despise Apple so much, did Steve Jobs not get back to you on your job application?Why the hate? Why post on AI? I don't get you trolls,What a silly bugger, posted to myself and twice.Anyway the post is to our resident troll KDarling.
The thread about Apple establishing some research/manufacturing centers in Israel, about 2-3 weeks ago.Go and check its all there in wonderful technocolour. Will you take the time and effort and look?Posters are alluding she is taking bribes. Why ? Because of her background, she is of Korean descent.So therefore that is racism also. Because if she was, say, British, then people would not be accusing her of being in the clutches of Samsung, as much as they are inferring...
By the way I have children. They have no access to passwords and I have restrictions on many many things, not just in app purchases. I took the time and effort, 5 mins per iDevice.
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