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So the iDevices have 100 page manuals do they?You are such a troll.
Apple should not pay a cent. If these idiotic and extremely lazy parents cannot bother to place restrictions for in app purchases. They are liable for any and all costs incurred.
My post #61 was removed. Why? There are posts alluding to that she is taking bribes and these stay. Apple II has written that Palestianians should be killed. You mods are crazy.
But you are fine reading garbage from "journalists" about people from Palestine.As you said they all should be killed.F*****g hyprocite.Make up your mind.
Whats a Chewbacca defence ?   I love how samsung operate, use any distractions minced with legal jargon. I have mentioned it in a previous thread, but why does the US allow a foreign company (samsung) to blatantly steal their IP and do absolutely nothing about it. You would think there would be directives from the government for the courts to come down really hard on this. Perhaps the US is losing its mojo.
My exact thoughts. Just ask Acer what they think about this "openness". Google is nothing but an advertising company that data mines, and simply buys companies. Hell even its search algorithms are not their own. I am mystified why people think an advertising company can do software and hardware. Its like i should take up Ballet, even though i have no clue.
I agree, its like buying a car. Would you ask your friends or read the reviews on the Internet ? I would want to test drive it, not once but several times. Rubin, as usual sprouts garbage when ever he opens his big fat ugly gob, just like the rest of the pricks at google.
So you think 2 wrongs make a right then ?
But its only a rectangle, you can't patten a rectangle ! Its like the Monty Python Anne Elk Dinosaur theory, thin at one end, much, much thicker in the middle and then very thin at the other end. So this is a prompt for all the Android lovers to jump on board and start bashing. I actually question why they need eye sight, because beauty is unknown to them, I bet they all have ugly partners. And to pre-empt your dumb question, yes, my wife is gorgeous.
How come you instantly jump on comments made by pro-Apple posters yet Kdarling get no attention from you what so ever. He made a claim that Samsung SOLD 10,000,000 Notes, yet Samsung NEVER divulges numbers sold, EVER. So anything that paints Google/Android in a positive light is luvy duvy for you.   Lets have an educated guess shall we? Steve Jobs himself mentioned that the newer iPhone easily out sells the previous generation in more than one Keynote. So doesn't it make...
New Posts  All Forums: