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It sure is.   A work colleague has an android samsung phone (don't recall the model, but not the GS3). One day he got an alert for an app that wished to be downloaded, before he could reply no, it went and downloaded itself anyway. Now, I don't know the full story, as he doesn't appear to be very tech-savy, although he works in IT, so maybe there is an android/samsung feature that allows this. But if my suspicions are correct, this is incredibly bad. Any android...
Just like you right ? The post about penis sizes was so funny (not). Is this what you call research ?
Shipped or sold, which one is it ? How do you know how many they sold when even samsung do not divulge numbers ? I enjoy catching you with your lies. Show proof, just like Apple does with their SEC filings, if you cannot, then apologie on this forum for sprouting lies.
samsung knows no bounds
My question is this, whats in it for google ? I assume they will use the poor buggers to data mine, like their silly street cars. Serving up ads 24/7 is not my concern as I won't be partaking in this social engineering craze. i will not take to kindly to wearers in conversing with me, I will simply ignore them, or use sign language (middle digit) to convey my disgust.
So hope is better than actual is it ?
Android ?
I was joking.
Exactly right.Google were going down the Blackberry clone route when they suddenly changed direction.Because google could not replicate, what took Apple years to design and engineer is obvious.Only now is android becoming acceptable as an OS, but it must use higher spec'ed hardware and even then falls short of iOS.
Have you seen one ?
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