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Thanks for the MATH lesson. I think most people could do it in their heads.So your conclusion is the correct one?Think before you post.
You are funny, every time you ask for citations, get of your behind and look for yourself.
I agree with him and not you.Samsung does not reveal sold numbers nor do Apple reveal model breakdowns.So you calling him to prove a point that cannot be verified and dubious is rather silly. Can't you go to an android site and be happy there ?
I'm waiting for the Galaxy 4 to appear.It will have 8 cores and 32 GPUs. 16 GB of RAM. It will measure 12 inches in screen size to to be able to store the extra hardware and huge batteries to run the thing.It will have 12, not 1, slots for expanded memory.The UI will be margarine smooth.
Idiotic statement. You do realize that Russia could turn the US into a "glassed parking lot" in about an hour, if the US sent in their drones. Ever heard of nuclear weapons?
You are mistaken, it was the West who decided that China could do their manufacturing for them, and not the other way round. Economically, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to reverse this.I do agree that the quality of many Chinese manufactured products are lower than what is expected in the West, andbreach many safety standards. I am resigned to the fact that we, the West dug a hole for ourselves, a very deep one, with slippery slopes.
Well written, I agree with you.
My fault, I was responding to Apple II and his idiotic post, but instead got the AI article instead. So I'm not blaming all Americans just Apple II, although if comes across that I was.
You accuse Apple of lying, yet in your opinion Google can do no wrong. even when they lie.Why your concern on this supposedly stolen data? I don't see you writing post after post on the stolen data from Android devices. How come? A good guess would be that there are so many that's it's impossible to do so?Thanks for your concern.
Your xenophobic chest-thumping is comical.The US does not partipate in cyber warfare?Really? Do you read the news? I don't count Fox as news.Hear about the Iranian nuclear facilities being targeted, these were US and Israeli created viruses.But hey, it's Iran, so it's okay.To you the US is good and EVERY other country is evil, what a warped view.You do realize that the US using nukes will most likely start WW III, don't you? I know you prefer all people in Palestine to be...
New Posts  All Forums: