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A make-believe quote we attribute to Balmer. Balmer's wife, "honey can you open the window to let in some fresh air". Balmer's reply "don't you mean Windows window darling".
Yes, it's etched in my memory.I go and revisit the event for a comedy relief.
I always wondered about the same thing. If Apple are crap, how come EVERY company copies them one way or another?
Come on google wouldn't do that, or would they?The same company that reads your personal gmail emails so they can sell you stuff.
So you can be bombarded by ads 24/7, wonderful
I noticed not one Android supporter has shown proof on the number of tablet-specific Apps versus the number of ssssssttttttrrrrrreeeetttttccccccchhhhhhhheeeeeeddddddd phone Apps, masquerading as tablet ones. I hear the chirping of crickets.
I know I shouldn't quote the entire post, but decided it was a must. Excellent research.Come on Google-apologists what do you say?
I like horse meat, as well as crocodile, emu, snake, eel, as well as the more traditional fare. Try some water buffalo, thick and so tender, a delight to eat.
Yes, a wonderful tool.I don't use it on my MBA, as I don't use google, except for YouTube.My son has it installed on his MBP, and it's amazing to see what it does in the background.
So why are you adding to the count?
New Posts  All Forums: