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Couldn't agree more with spending more money on software.
Good one.
I read an article about 3 years ago about a US woman who is a UI designer (one of the top in her field), complaining about the extremely bad web sites. Far too busy, cluttered, not logically ordered, full of ads, difficult to navigate and find things. The reason for this is that may web sites are done by non-professionals, and I mean those that are not employed in IT. Most of these are people who bought some web site design tools and now think they can design...
Actually you are wrong or overally simplying things. The position of fields on an input screen with associated text (labels) can be a hit and miss afair, to say it doesn't matter is overally simplying things. Here is a good example, I saw an input/output screen that reflected the database elements in a rather poor way, the fields who simply "painted" in the order they appears in the table structure and all over the place. Obviously a lazy bastard of a programmer did...
The same folder system that android blatantly copied after Apple. So tell me, in which time line do you operate in, because one needs to know before discussing anything with you.
So ?  There are times when one cannot block all ads, I don't have nor need an ad blocker as ads NEVER register with me. They are simply background noise. I am the worse type of user in google's eyes. Having said this, I have nothing to do with them, with regards to gmail (spambot), google+ (piss poor version of facebook, which I despise also), search, maps etc. I do have alternatives, they are fine to me. At the end of the day, me as an iOS user, generates NO money for...
So you HATE google too ! Why do these droids think that something they love and we despise will suddely turn up on our iDevices just because they think its so wonderful. Wishful thinking maybe. They are so absorbed in their micro-worlds that they cannot or refuse to see the big picture.
The question of water and ice had nothing to do with melting per se. It was a question to guage his understanding of chemistry, in which you both failed miserably. I consider this topic closed because I refuse to bang my head on the wall discussing fundamental principles with those who clearly have no idea what they are talking about. Bye, bye.
You don't know why ice floats on water then.Where did u get your PhD from?Probably out of a Corn Flakes box.Your lack of understanding basic chemistry is most self evident.
I believe in Apple, they have came out with some of the most amazing devices. Yes, they have stumbled a bit, Maps and some others, but I have faith and are eagerly awaiting their next amazing device. The only tech company that innovates and believes in their customers. Lots of speculations but I know they won't disappoint.
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