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I agree and may I add, it almost seems he needs to educate us,that we are wrong and only he is right.I know of one person who fits this description, and they are so sad. This person, that I know will tell his daughter to not eat a particular food, as he dislikes it, an olive actually.Let your child discover things for themselves!If one has to constantly resort to citations, in my opinion, it means he cannot structure an argument, or simply is too lazy to do so.Why he needs...
Thanks. I do like-wise.IE is terrible, not sure why in a Microsoft-centered universe (at work).
Thanks for the support.
ThanThanks for the feedback
You are wrong.I used it as a gender-neutral phrase.Anyway questioning whether English is my mother-tongue is far more demeaning.I don't resort to insults, unless provoked in an extreme manner.I didn't even retaliate directly to his demeaning statement.
Exactly my thoughts. Probably the same mob that never look up into the night sky to marvel at the cosmic show on display. I trully feel sorry for them.   A guy I worked with had several different android phones during the same space of time that I had my 4S. I asked him why, his reply "because I am having problems with them", I asked him, why not get an iPhone. His answer, because its too expensive. He hit the old nail with the hammer there, right exactly in the...
Learn English. Sorry Gator Guy if I stole this phrase before you had the chance to put as part of your signature.
  Wriggling away as usual. Reminds me of a Vampire when the sun rises. You made a general comment, and I refuted it very easily, I didn't even raise a sweat. Samsung copy like there is no tomorrow, this was proven in the $1B law suite, which they lost (this was just one of the many peices of evidence submitted by Apple). Did you not read the part where they listed the brilliant innovations of the iPhone/iPad against their own garbage and concluded that they were far,...
Isn't chrome on their chromium netbooks?Where it calls home every few minutes.Are you sure you are happy to be tracked on a continuos basis? What do you think they do this for?Why do they call it Chrome? As a Chemist this has always intrigued me.
Well put, couldn't have written it better.It had a go at me asking whether English was my first language. That's all you will get from him. He is incapable of responding to questions, like a little child answers a question with their own, so immature.I refuse to have anything to do with google except for YouTube, the ads are background noise that don't register.I want Apple to remove them as one of the default search engines, but not sure whether they will.I hate google...
New Posts  All Forums: