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My questions: how many Android Apps are dedicated to tablets, Apple has 300,000. What proportion of Android Users are happy with re-scaled phone Apps versus those that want the true tablet experience? As was mentioned by another poster, where is Android's equivalent to say, Garage Band? Where is their killer App? Where the hell is it ?
KDarling's quote: No one, not even Apple developers, could spend their time looking to see if someone else had come with similar ideas. It would takes years to research a single days' worth of coding. You my friend, are hiding from the truth. It has been proven that Samsung has intentionally gone over Apple's iPhone and iPad with a microscope.
Quote: Originally Posted by ankleskater So that's how the world is divided? Didn't know that A new world order, my friend. A new world order;). My comment was simply that, an observation. I never said anything about dividing the world or a new world order, not sure how you both extrapolated to these conclusions. And no, good design and engineering is not an opinion as you state, it can be quantified. If I said the Grand Canyon is beautiful and you on the other hand said...
Samsung are the ultimate copiers, a Xerox machine (or in my neck of the woods - a photocopier, if I am allowed to use the term on this US-centric site), can only stand in awe at them.
Maths is the correct term in my neck of the woods.
Samsun's behavior is akin to motor car companies who have to juggle whether to recal N number of vehicles, due to a dangerous fault that may cause deaths, or ride it out and pay when sued. Samsung is making a huge amount of money, and if/when sued will simply pay out a paltry sum compare to the amount they have made. Yes $1B is paltry compared to the amount they have made by copying, it's simple maths. I'm quite surprised this is allowed to happen and is not being...
One certainly must have a thick skin to post on his forum. There are basically two types of people, those that can appreciate beauty, the effort taken in design and engineering and then there are the others who simply cannot comprehend this. Techstalker which one are you?
Slightly off topic. I was in the process of updating my 2 handsets to iPhone 5s and was asked by the telco guy in India whether I would consider a Samsung S3. I replied that I considered this an insult (in jest of course), we both had a laugh. I guess he looked over my history and realised that all my phones were iPhones, and quickly made his apologies. I guess some people have high standards. I can afford expensive clothes and drive a Mercedes, why should I even consider...
Carefull I was slammed on my posts concerning Apple establishments in Israel.And being "too political", although this article is ripe for political discussion.
MS Office on the RT is terrible. What makes people think that Microsoft can actually make a viable version that works on the iPad. And what is the market for this? I, for one would find using Office on a tablet a terrible experience,
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