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Sorry but you are wrong. They lost, as can be deduced by the land grab of Karelia by the USSR. The Finns put up a strong resistance, although one supported by the Nazis.You will be surprised to learn that many of the battles on the Eastern front were fought by combined Axis forces.
I think Apple needs to make a more concerted effort in moving away from all things google. They have already started with Maps. However this will take time. In the meanwhile they could improve Siri, so that it interacts much more with iOS. Ensure Siri does not use google at all. Buy Wolfram and Yelp, or invest in them. To me, Siri is central to all things Apple, perhaps in a few years it will have improved to such an extent that would really make it your own...
I am of the opinion that Cook's attendence is nothing but a "photo opportunity" to mingle next to the US President. I guess this is Apple PR department going hell-bent to paint Apple in a good light after all the negative publicity (unfairly) that has been shoved at its door.
  LOL !  You want him/her to go around the US and poll people ?  How else can the "evidence" be provided. How about thinking before your reflexes take over your brain. Telling some one to shut up is insulting, and confirms my negative feelings about you as a person.
  I agree with you, this poster has major issues with just about everyone. Why he hasn't been banned, is one of the mysteries of life.
Yes, no software is bug-free. Sure they have to support various flavours, but wouldn't you think that batter life would be one of the "Holy Grails" ? Apple, themselves mention that battery life is vitally important. I have noticed a decrease in my 4S, hopefully its just a one off. At the end of the day, and in my opinion, Apple released an update that was "not quite ready". Vodaphone has advised that iPhone 4S users not upgrade in the UK (I think), no advise was issued...
  Thats okay, thanks for replying without insults, unlike so many here. Has he been warned about his disgusting post to me ?
  Yes I will but immediatley after you posted the above, I get a WTF from a poster. So I will stop when they stop, is that okay with you ?
  Can you start a conversation without being insulting ? "Grumble" and "Don't like the price, don't buy". How about thinking for a change, how can I purchase Apple products elsewhere ?
If true and this happens, Apple will surely be on the slippery slide downwards.
New Posts  All Forums: