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What is going on at Apple? A software upgrade should not break things, especially important ones like battery life.
My rants make far more sense then all your posts have ever done.Don't tell me what to do okay.
I don't read propaganda.There are not a billion Muslims trying to wipe them out.Every country has a right to defend themselves, only when they use disproportionate methods does it become wrong. Israel has done this many times.
My post to post 16 has been removed.May I ask why?He has advocated the murder of people and his post stays and mine doesn't.He has a history of posting nothing but drivel, yet he stays on as some sort of "comedy relief".You moderators have strange rules.
Let me clarify, I agree with your comments on the persecution of the indigenous people in Australia, that I agree on fully.Building a retail store is not an investment in the technological advancement of the industry in Australia, it's just a shop to sell stuff.Apple took the moral high ground in China, where they take advantage of low wages and no so stringent working conditions as we have and expect in the West.Just like ripping us of with prices, why can't they be...
You take the existence of (or lack thereof) god very personally. Unless someone is actively trying to get you to believe in their religion why would you expect them to prove anything to you? You certainly aren't going around trying to convince others there is not god (at least I hope not). If you do, then it is up to you provide proof that your argument is accurate if you are presenting it as more than your belief but as a fact. No, wrong, wrong and wrong again. Before I...
Excellent.I, myself no longer bother using logc in reasoning with religious people, I know for certain that he/she will disagree with you.Believing in fairy tales is one thing, having your whole life revolve arpund it is another.
Please go away. You stink up the place with your presence.
Thats their modus operandi. To distract, derail from the topic of discussion as they know it: 1) Annoys people 2) They enjoy it 3) They have no life   Their presence on this site proves this.
Funny this coming from you, the ultimate troll.
New Posts  All Forums: