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  What utter nonsense, just read what you wrote. Its so opinionated and not backed up with any facts, just your whimsical fantasies of hating everything Apple. If Apple invented a cure for cancer and one of your loved ones could benefit from it, you would probably do a Gates and withhold it from them in sheer spite. You are a very sad and angry person.
Oh dear, please read the history and not rewrite it. You also believe that MS saved Apple by giving them $300,000,000. Go and research I will not do it for you.
  Are you serious ? Why have a system that protects IP then ?
Actually I agree with your comments. That still doesn't mean Apple is right. And by the way Apple only sells to Australia, via Apple Stores and its distribution network. So I think you need to do some research first before posting.
  I'm confused and I quote you as follows:   Unlikely.  So unlikely that I will behave as if you don't, despite not being able to have 100% certainty.  I'll just round from 99.9999999999999999999999999999% certainty up to 100% because I don't give a shit about your terrible claim and your fallacy of shifting the burden of proof.Now, if you presented evidence that you actually had such a coin, I'm all eyes.  Of course, such an extraordinary claim requires extraordinary...
  Yes, exactly my point !  I made a silly statement that I have a trillion dollar coin in my pocket. Thats the whole point of the matter. Now do you see where I am coming from ? In the past the arguments were of the order "prove there isn't a god". But I state to them, I am not holding the position that there is one, you are, so the onus is on you. If you fail to see this, then what is the point in discussing anything at all, not just the existence of an entity.
Yes I did
Again prove that I don't.You make the claim that there is this entity, so prove it to me, I'm all eyes.Unlike you I don't get into a personal attack "shitty", for example, this proves I have won.
Where is your humanity?Hang on I know you, forget what I just asked for.
And so what?So they can go on killing innocent people while protecting themselves with impunity.
New Posts  All Forums: