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When I first read this article "expanding operations", my first thought was, those poor people from Palestine. I wish Apple would not invest in evil countries.
No, we have a very high proportion of "Bogons", equivalent to Rednecks or Trailer Park Trash, as you would say in the US.
Nothing will happen, if will blow over and we will still be cheated as we have been for decades. These large companies are all guilty, although it would be nice for Apple to come clean, but this would be an admission of guilt.
I'm quite surprised in your comments, you have always come across as someone that at least can be reasoned with.Again you make the same mistake as the untold billions of this Earth. That is requiring me to prove the non-existence of this entity.Why should I ? I didn't make the grandiose statement. Prove to me that I am not this entity.
Are you serious?As a scientist I can tell you that you are very wrong with the assumptions you have made.Tell me where religion uses science to prove the existence of this so called all mighty being?
I have a trillion dollar coin in my pocket, really I do. Prove that I don't.
That's interesting, I refuse to catergorise myself as atheist as this implies the existent of some magical being.I am not going to argue with those that hold a view that is not mine, as I will never win, its because I have to use logic and they don't have to. So a no win situation for me.
Nothing, that's not the point.They, google, hold true to everything I am against. It's that simple, so I do not trust them.I think the reasons why have been discussed here many times.What will you do, if someday, google forced you to have an account before you can use their search engine? Would you still use it?
I know I'm going to be panned, but here goes. We are in the 21st century and we still pay homage to a book of fairy tales, be them extremely violent and contradictory. Went to a small claims court, the liars swore on a bible, we didn't. We won. End of story.
I am somewhat disappointed in Apple. If thermonuclear means google to remain as one of the default search engines on iDevices, then we have an extreme case of a contradiction. Apple can easily absorb the lost revenue in the short term and then perhaps (if conditions are ripe) get into search themselves. Just like they did with Maps. Perhaps time will tell.
New Posts  All Forums: