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No because google is pure evil
I don't think your lack of taste in music is relevant here.And I missed an s, it's the end if the world.Here are some just in case I miss next time.ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssHappy?
Well here weSurprise surprise another insult.Try and be a little but moreAnother insult.
Don't try and squirm your way out Dude.To you and your ilk, those tat don't use Office are not power users. It's all over the blogs, have you been hiding in a cave?So I don't like it when so and so put themselves above me because they can use Excel while picking their nose.
Are you for real?Discussing tablets, do I need to fill in all gaps for you. You are so funny.
  Yes, but they are "Power Users", don't you get it ! The rest of us with our toy iPads are not apparently. Strange that these so-called "Power Users" could not design and implement a complex Relational Database application system, but hang on, they can embedd macros into their wonderful Excel spredsheets. And to think I considered myself a programmer these past 27 years, what a fool was I. Its Excel, Power Point and Word people, cannot you not see the light, Office is...
  Maybe add to the post instead of insulting people. This is the 2nd time in just one thread.
  So how is Window 8 better than Windows XP, care to elaborate ? I think a sizable number of people think the opposite than you. In XP multiple windows can be opened while in Metro mode, only one. Is Window 8 larger than XP in size when installed ? Can you tell me why after more than 10 years that all of a sudden, people will say "hang on Intel-powered are actually great". They failed before and they will fail again. Can you not fathom that running Office on a small...
  Can you not read between the lines ? Of course I'm making sense. Just beacuse someone can add in some VB-styled Macros into a spreadsheet does not make them a "power user" per se. They are skilled in Excel, and thats all.   As you stepped in to support him, can I assume that you are in this category, and consider yourself a "power-user" ?
New Posts  All Forums: