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  I think I touched a raw nerve. Reminds me of the part in Marathon Man.
Any body that does not use Office. That is my definition. Is that good enough for ya?
Window surface, it's the best tablet I have used while not being a laptop, also the best laptop I have used but its not a tablet. This abomination will soon sink. It doesn't know what it is, it has a keyboard (have to pay extra although advertised sneakily as its major advantage), a track pad (most probably awful), a mouse, a stylus, and you can even use your fingers, although the Office apps are not very touch-friendly. Why not include a punch-card reader. In laptop mode...
I always wondered about the anti comments aimed at the iPad, it's a toy it can't run Office, etc. I didn't know the definition of a power user was a nerdy accountant type that loves playing with his rows and columns in Excel. Yippee now I know.
Thanks but no thanks. Had a Samsung LCD TV and it broke down just after warranty. Each to their own I guess.
It's interesting that Blackberry has jumped into bed with android with regards to apps. The question is, do/will have their own App Store ? Going forward how will they QA source from android developers ? As we all know android is a fragmented malware-infested space, I don't think Blackberry should have anything to do with android, but I do understand why they did it.
Bought a MBA 13 non-retina about 9 months ago. What a beautiful machine, amazing engineering and design. Shopping around for a windows laptop as my wife needs it for work, we both were surprised at the poor quality. Plastic fantastic rubbish, eventually we settled on a Sony ultra book, running windows 8, as it was the closest MBA clone and we love Sony products. But the quality between the two are far apart, and the Sony is noticeably thicker. To preempt comments, I know I...
To GG, when I wrote blocks, I was referring to plastic blocks that teachers use to explain things to toddlers, it was a quip, so don't take it personal. Yes, I can see how you mentioned that English may not be my first language, going over my post I can see too many typos.Any way back to the heart of the matter, I don't believe in blocking people.I am most critical of Apple, I may not post it here, on the other hand I don't recollect you having anything negative to write...
No you are spinning yet again. Bending over backwards as you stated inferred Apple were pleading with google to get their maps onto the iPhone.So every review google maps had was shown in a positive light? Wow what an amazing product, perfect from version 1.0, this is a first in the whole industry.
English is not first language. Pleeeaaaazzzzzeeeeee !Why would I wat to ignore you ? I did not say that, perhaps English is not your first language?
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