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GG read my posts I think you will now understand where I am coming from with respect to the Apple - google war. Enough said me thinks.
You are funny, not.A poster mentioned they hate google and will try and be google-free, they write yahoo would be their default search engine. Yet you had to jump in and mention yahoo-google business arrangement.Now do you get it? Or u want me to use blocks for u?
There are Forum members who, in their lame attempts (you know who u are), try to spin it, but nothing is accidental, everything that is said/written in the media has a purpose. I'm not going to spend my time here explaining it to you all, simply do the research and draw your own conclusions. Google are in damage control having realized the enormity of the problem they now face with Apple's own maps. Missing all that data and not being able to swamp users with ads must be...
Amazing memory you have. So every review was positive then? No one had any problems what so ever?There are lots of problems with google maps now, it's 2013 by the way.Apple bending over backwards, so you worked at Apple at that time, you must have to make this remark?They did not bend over backwards, they needed a map service and google's was the most mature at the time, and both companies had a much better relationship with one another back then.Stop spinning, you are...
Young kids know how to take screen shots on a iDevice and sending it via email is also easy. Seriously what is wrong with people who refuse to take the effort to learn things. Anyway knowing how a person got to their error screen is more important than the screen itself.
Too true. Now and again when I feel I have done something really dumb, like forgotten to compliment my wife's new hair style etc. I sit down in a quite corner, turn on YouTube and watch Monkey Boy dance around, shrieking like a little girl, squeaking, Developers, Developers Developers ... I then turn it off, and relax knowing full well that there is someone stupider than me on this planet.
I agree, and this is pretty much what I have been saying along since it was first presented.
Thanks. Someone who agrees with me that Surface devices are NOT tablets.Please refer to these as non-tablets for want of a better description.
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