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Yes another gigantic failure waiting to happen.
I love the part "over saturation taming". Sounds straight from Samsungs PR dept.Even funnier being SIII suffers from over saturation in the first place.But the drivel is always "it doesn't matter if it doesn't work properly or has issues just root it and all will be fine" attitude for android devices.Tell me why can't it work straight out of the box?
If you want people to take you seriously give up on the fanboy references.
Well wait for Apples quarterly reports they tell the world about their SALES, unlike Samsung that never does. See what I did here?
By skool you mean school ? Your post is riddled with spelling mistakes, don't you have a spell checker on your wonderful android phone?If you are married you are probably staring at the same face of your partner, so by your reckoning you should get a divorce ?The Porshe 911 hasn't changed shape for many years but that is bad in our opinion, hey I hear a new Mondeo has been released, quick go buy that.The iPhone 4S was a different phone to the iPhone 4 internally, did you...
No it wasn't. As usual you impart your negativity onto everything.I do remember the presentation as if was yesterday as I knew it would be revolutionary.I don't think Steve Jobs said "look folks we have created an e-reader".But that is what you are implying, and don't try and squirm your way out of it.
Try thinking for a change. I will help you out this one time.Look at the title of the article now look at my original post. Can you comprehend the link ?Hint is web usage for android phones is much lower than for iPhone.So what do android users do with their phones?See it now? Or do I need to use blocks for you.My other comment referred to my enthusiasm for iOS, no link to article.
Wow. I didn't know iOS supported widgets. And let me see how many folders I can create for all my Apps, yep I can spend weeks moving them around into different fancy named folders.All I hear about the android supports is tweaking this and that and rooting and feeling so thrilled with it all.
I still don't get the idea of tweaking a home screen to death or adding widgets that destroy my battery life, it's a mobile device after all.Are these people so anal retentive that this is the sum total of their lives?iOS is great, it's got a great UI, easy to navigate and very intuitive to use.
There were billions of types of different phones ? Really !In your warped logic nothing is original ?You are wrong on so many levels, even you can't believe yourself and keep a straight face.So the word invention is meaningless ? You kill me with your brilliant logic.
New Posts  All Forums: