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It's always the same samdung sold more s3 phones. But how do they know if no figures are released, just guesses.I cannot fathom how they sit at a keyboard and write these blatant lies. What's in it for them.I guess it's mental jack-off of some sorts.It's like they live in Bizzaro world where what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong. Sheesh.
Really? I don't think so based on past practices. But say it enough times and you will believe it eventually.
I have two degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry, do you?I overly simplified my statements.You mentioned metal, we are not talking about the manufacturing process here. Plastics do give off noxious and very dangerous compounds. I suggest you read up more before making a fool of yourself.So in a fire what would you do? Hint, move away from artificially made materials, carpets, curtains and PLASTICs.Sigh ... It's very difficult to discuss topics with those who have no...
Glass is benign so when it's melted no harmfulChemical substances are given off.Similar the case with most metals. However pkasticsare a different kettle of fish.They give off noxious and and depending on the plasticvery dangerous organic compounds.Unless its a plastic bottle that can simply becleaned and re-used, recycling plastics come witha bad side effect.
Very good points to which I agree on all.You actually beat me as I was about to post on hisMO, like a drive by shooter. Or a Cookoo that laysit's eggs and moves on, damage done
Like the Fisher Price fonts that windows uses.
No that question can only be asked to Apple. The trolls infesting this site constantly tout this as an inherent flaw with Apple, and something done on purpose, without understanding shit about technology.Sometime I think these trolls are people like hair dressers, accountants and hole diggers, minimal at best knowledge of technology, engineering, design and programming and UI design to name just some.I mean no disrespect to them but they are simply overreaching and most...
Definitely on the cards.The house of android will collapse like a wooden shack sitting on top of a swamp.When that day comes I will be happy oh so happy.Because by then the PC business will be much smaller and the revenue to google will have dried up, and it will be in serious trouble.
Well caught, let him try and slither out of this.One may use the nipple to suckle on perhaps, and added bonus in owning this plastic fantastic.
Because sir, you allow it
New Posts  All Forums: