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Show the proof.That's right you can't.Now back to your troll den to hibernate until you next think up some more utter garbage.
Maybe they can steal you to save us reading your troll posts.By the way why are you on here ?
iPhone 4S has almost identical screen attributes as the iPhone 5, yet in your warped way of thinking its not. Get a clue. And I love your comments about crushing everything out there. Ramble on, ramble on.
You don't appear to be the type of person who would appreciate beauty. Apple makes beautiful things, the majority of others simply make me-too's (poorly) or hideous things. I don't recollect you having once said anything nice about an Apple product, perhaps I'm wrong, and even if you did, it doesn't offset all the negativity you show. I guess you are a negative type of guy, but its not my lot in life to change you, maybe others have tried and failed. Many have accused you...
Sorry but you are wasting your time in explaining this well known and proven fact to these people. Just wait for the reply (if you even get one), it will be hilarious.
You contradicted yourself, you mentioned security. Don't you know it calls home constantly. Are you happy with this. Do you like to be ad targeted ? Do you like the idea that they are tracking you ? If so, enough said, but wow.
Don't expect an answer from him.I read somewhere that it calls home under strange situations, I don't remember these but I read it to be very evil.
I'm so tired of you android supporters asking for proof. When we ask for your proof none is given. I hope you understand now.
Oh please spare us your drivel. Lumping evil Google with Apple only makes you appear silly. Run along now.
None to me, as I steer right away from Google crap, bu thanks for your concern.Read post 37, it explains it, come on now, don't be lazy
New Posts  All Forums: