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Apple iWorks versus MS Office. Keynotes versus Powerpoint - 1 to Apple Pages versus Word - Even Numbers versus Excel - 1 to MS   Fact: Powerpoint is garbage, I have used it and Keynotes and its a non-contest. Opinion: Word is a bloated pig, where the vast majority of people use a subset of its features.  Pages does the job for word processing and kills it for Page Layouts Opinion: Numbers serves me well, I don't need fancy Macros or embedded VB...
No, I'm not paranoid in the least, just informed. Microsoft's modus operandi is to dominate and destroy. Heard of Netscape ? Heard of Apple maybe ? The list is loooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggggg. They were fined $1B in Europe, and will be fined again as they still have not fixed up their Browser issue. They ship Windows with 63,000 known bugs and laugh it off. These are just a few examples. How in the world can you support this type of activity ?  You seem to give them lots of...
I agree. Although I feel it's actually malware as its installed without the users authorization and calls home to google. Does this not meet the definition of malware? If it does then why are they not investigated and brought to justice?
They do not, its the initial default level of detail. Zoom in and you get the same.I blame AI for your silly post. Please do a little research.
I'm getting tired of AI showing the less detailed Apple Maps screen shot. Why are they supporting the enemy? I get the same level of detail as Google maps when I pinch to zoom. Apple simply shows what it thinks is the correct level of detail initially, how is this wrong? I prefer this approach and understand why they did so. Come on AI stop pissing people off, it's almost like click-bait. All it does is get the trolls frothing at the mouth with eagerness to derail the thread.
Larry and Sergei are all your pets named Eric?
I think Microsoft is behind all the FUD. All the *gates have a word that is common with a particular ex CEO. I rest my case !
?  I don't get your comment, but I'm not surpassed based on your history of trolling. Don't they like you at android central anymore ?
Have you been reading any of the comments at all ? All the FUD came from the android supporters, us Apple supporters simply used our greater reasoning powers and intellect to refute their bile. I think you should amend your post, I'm waiting ...
Are you going to buy 3 like Daharder ?
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