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I totally agree, a Mac is NOT a pc. Such an insult.
The Surface "tables" will be the start of the end of Microsoft (and about time). There will be 2 "tablets", one ARM and one Intel, the later will be heavier and higher specifications. As I understand it, both will accept input via: touch, mouse, stylus, keyboard (physical/virtual) and touch pad. How in the heck will this work ? Windows has enough trouble as it is, how will it differentiate from the various input modes ? How fluent will it be (in the cross over...
I disagree. Office perpetuates Microsofts strangulation of openness. You really need to do some research and understand their philosophy. Its all about control. That is why Office was pushed so hard so that everyone can only exchange .doc and now .docx word files. This is so wrong. Unless you are a boring accountant type who needs Excel, there are many alternatives out there for the majority of the people. I am now Microsoft-free and loving it. If someone wants me to send...
Can I give you some good advice, stop being so condescending. Really ?  Can you prove it ? Send a screen shot (you know the wonderful palm swipe) with a ruler.
  Are you for real ? I know you are trying to be funny, but you fail big time. The images are to scale, are you refuting this ? If so, give us a link (like you always do), maybe even 5 or 10, I have nothing better to do today than to read them all.
Unlike you who is a visionary. I think its up to AI to determine what should be followed, if you are unhappy, simply don't read. I like to scoff at the latest and greatest android garbage.
Writing programs is not a perfect art. Then there is data to consider. Unless you are a programmer, you would not understand nor appreciate the complexity of it all. More importantly, how much confidence do you have in nuclear weapons? More specifically the delivery systems, decoys, targeting etc. There are several million lines of code involved, do you think these are bug-free. The permutations involved in the user cases are vast in number. Did you know that there are...
I read an article concerning the culture at Microsoft, it was a very long but most interesting read. I forgot the link, but will do my best to find it. There were 63,000 known bugs in a Windows OS release, not sure which one. Microsoft's PR spun it in a most positive light, along the lines "the consumers will feel confident in our ability to fix these issues". Do a search that concerns irate Microsoft customers, there are literally thousands, read some, you will...
Google claim 1,000,000 + activations per day for android, which i doubt very much. Do hand-me-down iPhones count as a new activation ? I guess the 1 million android activations could be a result of people handing their non-updatable crap phones to goats. I just had to put in the goat reference as there was a news item from US about a goat being taken from a zoo, its toe nails painted pink and then returned. I died laughing reading the article.
Agree with you
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