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Thanks for the advice, sounds like a good idea
Take a ticket - another iPad killer is on the horizon. My household is now Microsoft-free, except for son's Windows 7 Netbook (high school mandatory equipment). And we are all very happy, except for my son. Funny, but students in the lower grades will be allowed iPads to school, which is good news. Once my son finishes high school we both intend to take his Netbook together with a large axe to the nearest field to give it some tender loving care, think Office...
Yes, history has proven your statements. My question is, why did it take them (Apple) so long to do so ? The law suits did not start until 2009, maybe later, perhaps I'm mistaken. In all, I agree that Apple should protect their IP, but it seems that there are many on this forum who disagree. Although I did get good chuckle in the door hinge analogy, how come this guy is not working for NASA ?
Every time I read the comments on AI, I picture a hobo standing next to a rail line just about to switch the track for an incoming train, the motive ? To derail it. Whats so disappointing is the people that allow this to happen. Just ignore them. I have been reading posts for a few years and I chuckle at the shear stupidity of people's lame attempts to form any coherent arguments. One reads bile from elementary educated trolls, to the more sophisticated "fog"...
Should be interesting to see how the new iPad (if rumours are true) pans out.
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