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Touché. Plastic is just cheap, sure it has good properties in absorbing shock and its durable but its just so damn ugly to look at. It's like being stuck with an ugly wife when there are so many gorgeous girls out there.Sure the wife will cook and clean etc., but deep down you long for a babe.That's why I have an iPhone and a babe as my wife.Me thinks daharder has an ugly partner as he loves plastic.
I agree. It's truly pathetic when mods take the side of known trolls like GG and KD.I have accused these two of being paid shrills yet nothing is done, I am myself taken out to the firing range and TS points a loaded gun to my head to stop me making waves. Be a good boy and behave. Sigh.To TS I'm using a metaphor but I think you will agree with me on its context. I don't accuse you of threatening my life though.
Something called along the lines of green slime pieDoesn't matter as this plastic fantastic won't see an update.
Tens of millions? Citations please. Samdung don't even release numbers, and u confuse sold for shipped.Polycarbonate is a plastic, we all told you that in a previous thread.So you now know all about plastic manufacturing? More efficient to manufacture, what do you mean by this?Plastics have been around for a long time, me thinks that their manufacturing process has been fine tuned to its max.It's pretty much of a yawn device, an almost identical copy of its predecessor,...
A beautifully designed device. I don't think we can get them here in Australia. I don't care about the heating/cooling savings, I want a minimalist and functional thermostat that is smart and looks beautiful. The ugly plastic thing I have now is truly disgusting and a nightmare to use.
Just curious about IGZO technology, a bit was written not too long ago in the media and all has gone quiet.This sounds like the way to proceed as one gets a significant power saving, the images remains on the screen for a duration of time even when no power is drawn.Is Apple pursuing this with Sharp on the quiet, hopefully they are, this could be as samdung have invested in Sharp, where there's smoke there's fire.
I don't think his days are numbered, but some of the decisions have been strange.Hiring this guy was a major one, an interview would have found him out with some probing questions surely, were these questions asked? If so, he lied, if they were not asked then Cook is at fault.Or maybe Cook wanted to improve the bottom line and used this guy as his patsy.Either way this is not good as Apple have a huge amount of cash and should be looking after their workers to ensure the...
Probably although there seem to be many willing victims who sign up to gmail (ultimate spam generator) voluntarily.A company that steals, lies and whines is a company that needs to be destroyed."If you are so concerned about your privacy, you can move house", from their then CEO.Nobody in their right mind can defend this truly mind blowing obnoxious statement nor the person saying it.So by extension the entire company is itself obnoxious and pathetic.Words cannot describe...
Nice one lol!
I have no love for MS, but maybe Apple can help them out as both have a common enemy in google, Maybe let them see some iOS code accidentally. On a more serious note, if samdung sticks with google then perhaps Apple could team up with HTC, who have made peace with Apple and make good quality phones. They lack the marketing clout of samdung, perhaps Apple could do something in that space. A silly thought but interesting.
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