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I don't understand your statement "Apple doesn't include those features".Are you stating that Apple Mac cannot run windows software library? Yes it can via boot camp or say Parallels.Or are you stating that Apple's iPad cannot run those? If the later then you are right, the iPad cannot run windows software. It runs on iOS. I don't understand your random comments.
I keep on repeating what samdung did here is similar to what Apple did for the iPhone 5, but much more in Apple's case.Bigger screen, much lighter and thinner. Faster processor and improved battery life.At a greater extent than samdung did for the s4.Samdung are simply playing catch up, that's all.
But Apple did this for the iPhone 5 before samdung. Plus samdung only now has retina quality display 3 years after Apple. So to me, samdung is just catching up, watch Apple race ahead like they always do.
So samdung is 3 years behind Apple.
Exactly what Appe did with the iPhone 5, and even more. I bet you any money you mocked the iPhone 5.
When it overheats as the droids are busy rooting it.I'm not sure if the term rooting means the same as in the US, but in Australia it's slang for sexual intercourse.Opens up all weird possibilities down in the basement.
You forgot (intentionally) to mention its pentile. So it's actually not such an advance as you make it out to be.Keep the wheels spinning boy.
Rubbish.You are simply taking his/her side because you seem to have an issue with me.My question is a legitimate one because it will show their true colours.Because they refuse to answer a simple question then one can only conclude they have something to hide, and its certainly not their privacy.Now will I repeat the question to you because it seems to me that you are confused.The question is: why are you on his site if you hate Apple.In this very thread his/her hands were...
What a lie. The vitriol that pours from your mouth is disgusting what you write about DEDLook at your user name, now do you get it ? Why did you choose it, except to be inflammatory.
Well caught out. I wonder if and how he will answer this fact. I am your witness as I also notice him insulting DED, no matter what the article is. And he/she trying to say they don't hate/despise Apple is a brazen lie. I can find untold numbers of their posts. They should be banned.
New Posts  All Forums: