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You can keep a straight face and say this? I'm impressed.I can show you hundreds of your posts. Are you serious?
They should call it the samdung galaxy s4/4 or s4/8Just curious where they get the really long naming conventions from. For Apple it's simply the iPhone or iPhone 5.Guess samdung is copying Microsoft, remember the name of windows phone 7? It took you a full half minute of your life in just uttering its name.
Thanks. I agree how an old piece of tech is irelevant in 2013.It's like another troll who considers a career in IT, I am a software developer, use to be a Chemist. means zip in commenting on tech.They actually believe this, that's what is really frightening.
Hi mr. comedy relief.So knowledge of IT, I.e. a career is irrelevant on a tech sight. Wow!So what are you a hair dresser ?A stupid inference results in me totally ignoring the rest of your reply.So tell me why are you on this site again?
I explained to you in my previous post, do you not read or understand?I stopped reading when I got to the part "I own this or that Apple product", this is the usual crap one gets from a troll to try and justify their arguments or points on their posts. This we all know, so why do u use it?I know by your posting history that you despise Apple, so why are you on this site?I don't like Facebook nor Fords, but I don't go to their sites. What is it about Apple that gets you...
More bs from you.Just piss off will you, you are starting to get really annoying.
Exactly! I go to AI and other similar sites because I own and love Apple products.Just like I go to a Mercedes site and BO and others that interest me.Do I go to a samdung or android or google site? No. I don't need to nor want to.These trolls are mentally sick, I have asked them many time, that's you GG and KD and some others, I never once received an answer to this question. Never. Is this not proof?
Generally yes, but we are talking about a company whose then CEO said "if you have issues with our street cars filming your house, you can simply move".I think this quote answers your question quite nicely.
Nice one.Yep the idiots who buy the 4 core one will be disappointed to learn that it didn't have 8.Why did they stop at 8? Why not 16 or 64?
You are paid by google or samdung. I have asked you countless times to justify your presence on our site.You refuse to.This implies you are paid, if you have nothing to hide, tell us all why you are on this site. I'm waiting and waiting and waiting.
New Posts  All Forums: