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Thanks for the nick name I like it.Please don't bother explaining things to me, because it will simply be BS.Google scans your emails, so by your thinking they couldn't scan the actual email addresses? Really?Do you know emails, text and addresses (source and destination) get packaged into an XML file and this is what is sent. I know because I have worked on projects that involved automatic alerting of batch job abends. Yes, I work in IT, have done so for he past 26 years,...
I had to wipe my iPad from all the dribble coming from the droid's mouths, An almost exact copy of their previous generation plastic fantastic, with some pathetic gimmicks that actually don't work very well. It's got 8 cores! It's got 8 cores! It's got 8 cores! Big friggin deal, it needs it because of the lag in the OS. Tell me the important facts, like, battery life. How useful are these added gimmicks? Will they work efficiently? Pray tell, just imagine scrolling the...
What drivel."I owned an iPhone, and it was decent". After reading that I cannot consider you ever telling the truth.Go away troll.
Man leaves laptop behind in taxi.Man gmail a friends this fact.Man gets ads targeting him with purchase a laptop.Man gets angry.Man gmail a friend that he will get a lawyer because google is reading his private emails.Man now gets targeted with ads for lawyers.I wrote it in a simple fashion so you can understand.This is fact, do not ask for citations, you get none for me as you are obnoxiousNow do you understand why people are/should be concerned about privacy when using...
You are welcome.Also you may be right about others on the google/sandung payroll.Surely there cannot be a place in the entire universe that is populated with so many c($@s. but I think I'm wrong, it's the forum section of AI.
Um, look at the posting history of you two maybe.You are so funny, can you not see how silly you look to others?
I agree. GG and KDarling are obvious paid shrills. The others are just obnoxious pricks out to annoy.
They achieved their aim. But at least they gave us a bit of a laugh.I find myself constantly shaking my head at the sheer idiocy of their comments, the really sad thing is that they actually believe what they write.In the past I thought they were simply here to annoy people, but not now, not any more.They would make many a shrink very rich and very happy.I can't wait to read their shrill when the samdung g4 comes out shortly, man I can't wait. I want to be educated on how...
I'm far from being an expert in chip design/manufacturing procedures but I think I could do a much better job than these clowns. Here goes: Need to tape up the holes in the shoes so that the SoCs don't get wet. The A7 is now to be 20nm in length. Photo masking, which involves painting masks on photos will be a $17 billion industry by 2014 Bloody damn good I think. Can I be an analyst now?
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