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Yes it is depressing.But that is what happens when accountants, MBA, bean counters, advertising execs and lawyers run amok in our society.Scientists, the ones that actually make the discoveries, are marginlised.Take IT, many, many years ago I had this misconception that IT stood for logic, hence my career change from Chemistry to programming. Initially I was happy, but as time went on I soon became aware that those in control did not want high quality software, they wanted...
My what a thread! My head hurts from the insane bullshit and lies from the trolls.
Maybe you look like him yourself, so its okay for you. It loooks so effeminate.
Wrong. Just because its in Wilpedia doesn't make it correct. 3rd world countries was a term coined to categorise those that are developing economies, mainly African and Asian. USSR and its allies were never termed as second world, EVER, where did you dig this crap up ? The US and its allies were called the Free-West or the West to differentiate from USSR and its allies. By the way the Free-west is a bit of an oxymoron.
I agree Apple is hoarding their money, why ? For a rainy day perhaps. Remember this is the same company that wanted to reduce wages/hours for its store employees in the US, but this was riscinded and the retail guy left soon after. Why take the chance of impacting on customer service for a few lousy bucks. Improve their wages and conditions, watch as they stay, improve and flourish, its a win-win for all. Its not just Apple, all companys should do this.
What are you blabbing about ? Do you think Tim Cook even knows you exists ? You appear to be suffering from xenophobia (go and look it up in the dictionary).   Viva la France !
Well put. Americans need to learn that the rest of the world begins 12 miles from the coastline of the US.
So good to read a post that makes sense, you put the other whiners to shame, more so as English is not your first language. There is MUCH more to life than to be a slave to the bosses. France has got it right. I have visited France many times and I love the language, culture and life there, its so much more relaxed. French cinema is infintly better than the Hollywood garbage. If I could get a job there, I would be on the plane within a second, although my poor French may...
Maybe samdung will try and sue. They did it when Apple implemented engineering for the sight-impaired. Nothing surprises me anymore with this scum.
Maybe my theory is right. samdung makes larger phones as the internals take up much more room than the beautifully designed and engineered iPhones. They then market this as a positive. And morons fall for this.
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