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Are you fucking serious?
Exactly what I was about to mention. That smug and smirk, wants me to give him a sandwich, one full of a fist that is.
So you are an expert on French labour law ?Wow, like really wow, you visited France for how long? 1 week, I doubt 2, because you only get 2 weeks vacation in US.Now you know everything about it.
Scrolled to the top and could not help read the VERY first post, bashing the French, pathetic.
I'm not going to read any posts but I bet you that there are posters whining about the French here. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Good on the French, at least they stand up for their rights. Just a week ago French workers at a US tyre company in France rioted as this rich prick was closing down the company because they refused to work like slaves so he could upgrade to a Ferrari. Here in Australia, they meekly go like sheep.
Hang on, wasn't Apple accused of being "all marketing" by the haters? So where are you people now?
I repeat it was on AI and you commented on the article.So where did they pull the 78% from?In what context was this discussed? I know, however you go and find out yourself.I stand by what I wrote.So sick of liars.
Apple maps is infintly better than google maps (via web). I cannot comment on the google map app on the iDevice, but I don't care as this shit will never get past the tighest quality control out there, thats me. Based on the UI from past uses of google, I can be 100% certain that its rubbish. Apple maps work fine for me, and it will only get better over time. Where are the whiners when google first released their map app ? Where are you ? I can smell you but not...
i am google-free on my iPhone & iPad, and only use Youtube on my MBA. I use Yahoo or Duck Duck Go as my search engine. Any tie-in with google are out of my control, so don't bother bringing them up. I don't use gmail (that spam driving piece of turd), nor do i have any google accounts. I am FREE and it feels fantastic. Join me, and you too will realise that google is not needed.
New Posts  All Forums: