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According to the sources, Apple had become the focus of the inquiry as its accountants have managed to allocate some 70 percent of taxable income overseas despite running a base of operations in the U.S. The tactics used are completely legal, though head of the investigations committee Senator Carl Levin said off-shoring income and intellectual property is hurting the U.S. budget and ultimately average Americans.      why does the justice department not investigate...
Samsung sounds like crooks.. They are trying to rip off apple and get away with it. Apple needs to completely get rid of having any business with them at all
now if only apple can keep rebounding on its stock and not given up its gains by all those eager to spread negativity
I am beginning to worry that someone on the design board with apple may be anorexic..Otherwise the topic of thin would not be constantly coming up.. I am going to call McDonalds and send them over some big macs and frech fries
The Apple Iphone5 to my astonishment is hands down the most extraordinary phone ever built. It is truly a work of art and is a thing of excellence and beauty of craftmenship and technology.. Congratulations to Apple and all the many who will be so rewarded having this masterpiece as one of their own.. Keep up the good work Apple. You guys are the best.
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