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 Wasn't able to find China Mobile's official website to purchase phones etc. but this is the closest website I can find. http://iphone.139life.com/ Red button's for pre-ordering, blue's for checking re-contract eligibility. The 4.5k figure seems very low, and it includes phones from other makers as well.
Wow. That's a lot of money. Hoping they'll officially announce it on the 18th. No idea as to why the share has been dropping the past few days. Any negative news or speculation?
http://www.bj.10086.cn/service/mobile/mingxingji/order.html   It more or less translates into "Getting closer to to iPhone 5S/5C". Maybe they'll announce the deal in 30 minutes, 12am Beijing time?
 Think they usually go down an hour or 2 before the start of an event in the event of new products/refreshes.
 It's probably due to the "timing" of Samsung's release. If Apple were to release a larger screen, people would probably go like, "Finally!", since screen sizes larger than current iPhones have already been in a market for a couple of years. The gold/champagne phone was only officially announced on 10th September, and launched on 20th September. The lag in announcements between both companies is only slightly over 2 weeks. That said, it's just my personal opinion.
 Apparently not since they're doing it in such an obvious manner.
Didn't think much bout Samsung's copying ever since the S3 but this announcement has just gotten me utterly disgusted at the company. Seriously.
 Really looking forward to new iPads (if anytime soon). Seems as if my whole family have been holding on to our iPad 2s forever. Wonder if there would be a keynote for the launch though. Hoping for a pleasant surprise if there's gonna be a keynote for the iPads, just keeping fingers crossed for the content they're gonna bring up and talk about during the keynote (if any) since the main features of iOS7 have already been introduced during WWDC.
Is this related to the report from Citi citing cuts in orders from suppliers? Or are they 2 unrelated events altogether?
Negative territory in just 5 mins. Wow.
New Posts  All Forums: