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Wasn't there a new leak from NYT's newsroom about something to do with declining pageviews, traffic and readership? This article is explainable only in that light.
Here's to another innovative product that hopefully tries to beat Google. The demo at WWDC was interesting. Now for the reviews to show up to see how smooth it really is.
After a while, this becomes %u201Cmeh!%u201D material, unfortunately. I guess before the actual release, someone would've assembled the whole thing with all the leaks so far.
This is one of those ethical questions again. You're on the safe if you disable the selections on contacts by default. You're caught like Path if you send the invites automatically (as a default option) AND the app goes berserk and sends out the invites over SMSes after it got uninstalled (although I'm sure that's something the app doesn't track effectively).
Fingerprint scanning is just.... too far, man! Besides reporting, it would just be great if someone decided to call the shots here and put some forethought to all this.
Hey isn't that old news? Or did they try to pull this trick once again? This is just getting beyond the limit.
Well, I hope this is not going to affect Apple's shipments or production. Guess it's time for Apple to fast-track its promise of bringing the production to US. Is Samsung really interested in Sharp or is it just doing this because Apple's gonna stop having Samsung produce Apple's gadget parts?
Clearly one of the most careless moves by Apple was to enable this feature without thinking about the deeper consequences. I'm not so sure but they introduced those in-app purchase disabling features a little later right? The thing is it's deep down into the privacy settings and restrictions and stuff that most parents don't even bother. That's where Apple's motives come into picture.
Well, I can't even begin to think of the drain it will have on battery! *if you know what I mean*
It took them so long to realize that they're getting shafted? Not likely. I think it was more of a convenience to charge more where there was not much of a repercussion.. I hope these guys don't come up with a 'convincing' reason to charge more for Australian markets..
New Posts  All Forums: