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It took them so long to realize that they're getting shafted? Not likely. I think it was more of a convenience to charge more where there was not much of a repercussion.. I hope these guys don't come up with a 'convincing' reason to charge more for Australian markets..
Looks like the Judge and her team fast-tracked this one. And although she's said that a new trial would not be in the interests of justice, it doesn't seem quite probable that Samsung wouldn't apply for yet another appeal.
Well, good news for customers at least. And of course, Apple, which has had a barrier all along to get into the Japanese market.
I don't see this type of a technological solution going popular anytime in the future. By wireless charging, people imagine placing their iPhones on some pod.. that's it. As simple as it is.
What does a bunch of top guys from Apple in China mean? I see another article on that coming up somewhere.. And I sure suspect Digitimes will be ready with one more rumor by the end of this week.
Interestingly, this doesn't take into account how users feel about iPad Mini. Since the iPad Mini is more or less equivalent to the larger iPad, I feel that a lot of companies would choose the mini %u2013 sacrificing the larger screen to be able to cut costs. Still, Apple wins.
All this hype to be ripped apart in the comments here. I wish someone from Samsung's top rung sees all these comments
Probably one of the most sensible uses of gps and location tracking that will help not just the authorities but also the users. I wonder why it takes so long when technology is so easily attainable for government agencies to incorporate such enormously useful features.
Looks like a totally mixed bag of reactions here. Location Services and Wi-fi are taking a bit shot at the battery, that's clear as daylight. For users who are facing these issues after the 6.0.2, check this resource: http://www.igeeksblog.com/iphone-5-battery-life/ ... it's not a solution. Just a workaround. Also, there's a long long discussion going on at Apple Discussion forums. Try that too. New ideas keep emerging like some guy turned off Wi-fi in favor of a...
Proves Apple nailed it with their tablet gamble. Despite all the clamor about pricing, Apple's brand value and the quality it produces has driven the sales. When you talk about the mini tab market now, a clear leader would be, if not now at least in some more time, the iPad Mini.
New Posts  All Forums: