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"Duh!" An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. At this rate, innovation will take a beating.
What kind of a difference does this make on the holiday sale? 2 weeks is a long time too because as I see it, the customer these days has a ton of patience to wait that long. I mean, did u take a look at the comments when someone said there was going to be delays in iPad Mini?
There's been a lot of iCloud outages this time and the iMessage problem was also faced multiple times. In the discussion forums one still finds quite a lot of users plagued with iMessage issues. Hope Apple does something to fix all these. May be the new server being built would help.
Happy shopping to everyone. Why isn't there more about iPhone 5 productions, units shipped et al? There's been rumors of iPhone 6 and stuff but nothing much concrete on iPhone 5's production.
Would it be cliched if I say, What goes around comes around? A few weeks back we had Apple taking on more Samsung products after it won a $1bn claim. Guess life's after all a circle.
This looks cool! Passbook appears to be much more powerful than it's been tooted to be. Quite a good thing really.
Judging by how powerful these things are getting, this one doesn't come as a surprise. A decade from now, you'll be holding a server computer that's also a 4-inch smartphone. They're getting all too powerful.
Doesn't come as a surprise at all. All the comparisons clearly showed that the displays of other devices fare way better than iPad Mini.
Official or not, the prices are in keeping with the trends. And not to forget, it's a good time for Apple to release the iPhone 5 unlocked variants now. Looks like Apple's cash reserves are going to explode.
In a way, the demons of Foxconn will come back to haunt Apple again unless things get better at the factories in China. People aren't necessarily bothered about what's happening though. All people want is the next iPhone. Sheesh!
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