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Well, the "mere" incremental refresh is actually something that most other tablets have yet to even think of. So it's quite important for users.
Apple apparently is taking a parallel track to that of Android devices. Regular customers may not care about this but it matters a lot within the development fold. The part about "as long as it does what it needs to" and "offers new possibilities to developers" stem directly from such statistics.
In other news, Microsoft will build a new store in Palo Alto closer to the new Apple Store, with similar signage, materials, and architecture." This made me laugh but then, well anyway, now that the tablet wars are on, and iPad 4 is out too, the store should have some really amazing work to do.
The White definitely looks a bit different in the iPad Mini renders than in the iPad and iPhone renders. And apparently, Apple had fewer stock of the white one. Well, one thing that's clear is that people aren't really bothered about the $329 price-tag.
It's not often that Apple chucks out what we all consider to be an important and integral part of the system and more often than not, it has been right in doing so. It would be years before some of these computers follow Apple but right this moment, Apple's gonna take a lot of heat for the decision. Amazing guts.
I'm still surprised at how Apple nailed the bezel levels on the sides. These CAD drawings only make me wonder even more.
Someone's been very busy lately. I wonder if Apple is aiming to set benchmarks in real estate occupation too.
Thanks. But I'm with the appeals in this regard. What Apple is aiming for, through the legal processes, doesn't seem morally right.
Not sure if this is a good sign for innovation or bad sign for anyone to get inspired from Apple's technology and do something on similar lines.
If this is going to be true, this might just smoke the competition. But didn't someone say the iPad Mini was gonna be out only as a Wi-Fi model?
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