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Just received my refurbished iPad mini 2 last week and I love this device more than my old iPad 4. Not to mention that I only paid around $300 for the 32GB model.
Just ordered a Refurbished iPad Mini 2 for $250.  This is the real deal. 
The only reason why I am hesitating to get the 6 from my 5S is because of my contract and I think I am not missing it out. I would love to use Apple Pay but I guess I can wait until I buy the Apple Watch. Also if I need a big screen, an iPad Mini might be a better option for myself. 
Yeah I think they will use Bluetooth headsets.  I currently use it with my iPhone 5S and I love it.   Speaking of using your watch to play the music, how will they play your music when your music is all in your phone? Will it be synced with my iTunes? Will that be why they have 8GB of storage? What about an iTunes match customer like myself? So many questions. 
Apple really needs to step up with their maps system.
A larger iPad with OSX will be nice, actually.
I have the late 2010 MBA and it is still rocking!
Haha I guess things have been changed a lot for apple lately. I took your advice and got one and I am guessing I will be aligable for an upgrade, for free, under the return policy. Thanks anyway.
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