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Apple really needs to step up with their maps system.
A larger iPad with OSX will be nice, actually.
I have the late 2010 MBA and it is still rocking!
Haha I guess things have been changed a lot for apple lately. I took your advice and got one and I am guessing I will be aligable for an upgrade, for free, under the return policy. Thanks anyway.
Hi, I'm an engineering student in college and I am thinking to get an iPad or an iPad mini.   Three questions.   Q1: I'm mainly gonna be using it for eTextbooks, taking notes in class - with a stylus of course, and web browsing. Which one should I get if my budget fits for either of them?   Q2: If you recommend the full size iPad, when will be the best timing to get? I'm asking because I hear that they are gonna do some minor upgrades for the full size...
Shut up and take my apple gift card. Did I miss it from the article or did they not mention the upgraded ipad?
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