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$100?  Prices on TaoBao (China's ebay) are showing a markup of at least 300%. I bet it's much more than $100.  It would've been 10 Million and 1 if they had more inventory :/ I'm trying to get an unlocked 128 Gb 6, and it's sold out everywhere!
Companies are out for profit, not social benefit. Honestly, I don't see US multinationals (AAPL, MSFT, GOOG etc) repatriating any overseas revenue when you compare the tax rate they can enjoy in countries like Iceland. The US needs a tax reform, not another congressional inquisition
moto 270* FTFY
But..But... Samsung
You joined just to post that?  Added to list of trolls
UI for the iPad Pro
I suspect they scripted 80% of it based on rumors alone, then added bits and post processing once Apple revealed the iPhone.
There's actually a Cydia tweak which i got for my 5s, allows you turn button presses into taps on the touch ID instead.
Sammy will most likely rip off the taptics and messaging, 2 of the killer features I think are of any significance. Lets just see how long it takes for them to do it
cleared up after the iPhone part for me. Heads will roll at Cupertino
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