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Which ad blocker?
I'm glad you aren't running the stores
August in Intel time probs means some time next year
Get John Gruber on the show!
Chinese is my native tongue, I learnt simplified Chinese while my parents learned the traditional. They are not as different as you make them to be.For instance the word 马 (horse) is structurally similar to the traditional version, except for the horizontal stroke at the bottom and the square at the top.Most traditional and simplified characters look similar enough that I can, and all Chinese people I know do, read the other despite only having learnt one.It is true that...
Beautiful. It's incredible how Apple captured West lake's essence. Instead of selling western "Lao wai" marketing they've blended local artistry and culture with Apples distinct sense of zen simplicity. This is how you conquer China. Stock up on AAPL people
I don't think they're preserving it for history's sake. It looks like the barn fits what Apple intends to landscape its Campus into (Calif around the 60s?) with fruit orchards and trees, so the barn should fit right in. A brilliant stroke if you ask me. Apple design has always been very context aware. (Grand central Apple Store et cetera)
U must b new here
Doesn't work unless you swipe fast enough
**** Steve Jobs!! Evil Corporate America is oppressing the people!! Apple is DOOMED!!!
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