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Let the 2015 Apple Watch pump and dump commence
Blasphemy!!   I see what you did there.
Angela's making her mark
XD Yeah, it's about time someone got rid of that old hag in Buckingham Palace and installed a republican form of government. Apple Store at Buckingham Palace, anyone?
Still waiting for the Samsung announcement
Silence implies implicit compliance with the anti-gay laws and the 'dont ask, dont tell' attitude still prevalent in many places. 
The iPhone's success is catharsis for anyone who values originality and feels injustice at Microsoft's PC monopoly they obtained using stolen technology.
**** off.Marriage exists and has existed outside Christianity. Chinese history has 5000 years of marriage traditions. Not to mention other cultures and ethnic groups. Christianity merely hijacked marriage as it has our morality for its sinister purposesEdit: Christmas was also a Pagan holiday
Jing Dong is an online retailer,kind of like China's Amazon. As far as I know, iPhones bought there are unlocked, where pre-orders are carrier specific. 9 million unlocked iPhones, hell that's how much Apple sold WORLDWIDE on launch week.
New Posts  All Forums: