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The iPhone's success is catharsis for anyone who values originality and feels injustice at Microsoft's PC monopoly they obtained using stolen technology.
**** off.Marriage exists and has existed outside Christianity. Chinese history has 5000 years of marriage traditions. Not to mention other cultures and ethnic groups. Christianity merely hijacked marriage as it has our morality for its sinister purposesEdit: Christmas was also a Pagan holiday
Jing Dong is an online retailer,kind of like China's Amazon. As far as I know, iPhones bought there are unlocked, where pre-orders are carrier specific. 9 million unlocked iPhones, hell that's how much Apple sold WORLDWIDE on launch week.
Oh, and the next update will be called 10.1 (Big Cat), and 10.2, and eventually it's Windows X eh? Wonder where that came from
But...But.. Samsung
 You must be new here
Heads will roll at Cupertino 
I just walked into an Apple Store and tried this on a 6 plus. I didn't actually bend it, but I felt the aluminum stress when I tried to deform it lightly. It really doesn't feel like it can take a lot of load
Love how playful these are
$100?  Prices on TaoBao (China's ebay) are showing a markup of at least 300%. I bet it's much more than $100.  It would've been 10 Million and 1 if they had more inventory :/ I'm trying to get an unlocked 128 Gb 6, and it's sold out everywhere!
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