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High Tech Cheating
 I'll miss monkey boy. His reign benefitted Apple immensely
I wouldn't be surprised if the next Galaxy has a gold option
 Isn't it funny a ship that leaks from the top?
I'm in Singapore, and local telcos are limiting 5s supplies to only a few stores. I suspect they'll quickly run out.
 Now there is this huge misconception amongst Apple critics. Apple is not Samsung, it doesn't need to sell the most products, at the lowest price. They make the best hardware, the best software,  and people who buy them do so for the quality. Are you honestly suggesting no one will buy Samsung phones once Apple introduces a larger screen? Until they've perfected that experience, I don't think they'll release it. Samsung isn't even close to Apple in terms of ecosystem,...
 Yes, supreme leader lives, doesn't he
Reminds me of Steve. "We don't ship junk."
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