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When you think about it, Apple IS a Japanese company. The fanatical attention to detail, the amazing support, their stores even resemble Japanese Buddhist temples . 
Don't they have 3rd party cases for the 5C?
HTC and TSMC are two very different companies. HTC happens to be competing with Apple, why should Apple feed the opposition?? Hell, even if they did that there's no guarantee HTC won't "borrow" those plans to Samscum. Heliocentric Theological Church!
 No shit
Jobs repeatedly compared Apple to the Beatles, its value is greater than the sum of its parts. I personally don't think Cook has the technical expertise for the technology, but I think he's wise enough to get out of Mansfield's way. Apple has a great pool of talented VPs, I think Cook recognizes that
Apple should seriously take the company private. Steve would be proud
Also, from now on Samsung Executives will wear jeans, sneakers and black turtlenecks to all product announcements
Apple should just go private
well i think the reason why they couldn't launch this as a 4s replacement is because of the physical limitations of the 4s. (A5, no LTE, etc). Next year though, the iPhone line will be very interesting. They might discontinue the 5s for the 6? But I think they're more likely to keep 2 Gens in each category, so you'll have iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 for the high end, and the 5C and 5CS ??? for the mid end, at the prices of the current 4s.
 I bet for the first few minutes after the finger's been removed the sensor wont be able to tell it and dead tissue apart. The thieve should be able to change authentication details in that timeframe
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