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Great News for Ayatollah Khomeini of course, now he gets his retina MBP quality pr0n, and an iPad for the Comics and Novels if he might be so inclined. (Salman Rushdie is a quite a good author) 
Liquidmetal iPhone! not
I agree. The one decision I think Tim made a mistake on is his decision to pay out dividends. Dividends don't placate anyone, it commoditises the shares and attracts analysts and their inept scrutiny.
Oh, it's official then? APPLE IS DOOMED
In other news, the DOJ plans an anti-trust case on Android for abusing it's market dominance and colluding against iOS malware developers.
They've spent the last few months pushing the price down. Now they're in for the prize
If anyone can pull it off it's Apple
I am speculating that we might see curved displays being used for that purpose. If Apple makes a curved 5 inch display while also keeping one-handed usability, it would be simply amazing. (And wildly copied)
It's Sunday!! Where's my DED Editorial?
When AAPL was around $400 did you think that represented its real value? Stocks merely represent investor confidence.  I think Cook knows he doesn't have the product vision Steve had, but he has a very talented team of SVPs. He knows Apple's culture under Steve, I don't see him changing that anytime soon. Personally, it feels like he's just holding on to his position until the next visionary (Ive?) comes along
New Posts  All Forums: