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I am speculating that we might see curved displays being used for that purpose. If Apple makes a curved 5 inch display while also keeping one-handed usability, it would be simply amazing. (And wildly copied)
It's Sunday!! Where's my DED Editorial?
When AAPL was around $400 did you think that represented its real value? Stocks merely represent investor confidence.  I think Cook knows he doesn't have the product vision Steve had, but he has a very talented team of SVPs. He knows Apple's culture under Steve, I don't see him changing that anytime soon. Personally, it feels like he's just holding on to his position until the next visionary (Ive?) comes along
Knowing Wall Street I'd say a company's share price is a horrible representation of its value. It doesn't matter that AAPL was up 5X when Sculley was running the place, the man drained innovation out of Apple, he merely churned out products Steve set in motion and failed to deliver the Newton. Overall he was more concerned with the financials and bottom line of the company than he was with the technical vision and products. He's the marketing guy who ends up almost...
Well, Redmond will get another Gorilla in its city zoo =D
I think iTunes Radio should be made available on Android, like iTunes was ported to Windows. It leads Android users to the iTunes store, (which is still the best store out there, despite Google's efforts) earns revenue for Apple, and lets not forget the "halo" effect Apple devices have.
 Ridiculous. Apple doesn't need, nor should it ever, address the competition. Apple's ads, like luxury brands, don't need to acknowledge the competition. Why give Samsung screen time? A larger screen isn't innovation. Unless you're Samsuck.
 But.. Consumption iToys!! /s
But Android!
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