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You joined just to post that?  Added to list of trolls
UI for the iPad Pro
I suspect they scripted 80% of it based on rumors alone, then added bits and post processing once Apple revealed the iPhone.
There's actually a Cydia tweak which i got for my 5s, allows you turn button presses into taps on the touch ID instead.
Sammy will most likely rip off the taptics and messaging, 2 of the killer features I think are of any significance. Lets just see how long it takes for them to do it
cleared up after the iPhone part for me. Heads will roll at Cupertino
I dont get all the criticisms about its design, I think it's sleek, minimalistic, and distinctly Apple. I miss the 5's black though
I suspect it's due to some backend update. Can't wait for sept 9
Would the upgraded 4.7 be more expensive than the 5.5? 
Doesn't work for me. Cue's Eddie Cue's pet project :D On a serious note, does Cortana actually sound like that on Windows Phones? I've never tried one physically.The video is exactly how the Halo character sounds like. Siri still sounds robotic despite the improvements, Cortana in the vid sounds... organic
New Posts  All Forums: