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I suspect it's due to some backend update. Can't wait for sept 9
Would the upgraded 4.7 be more expensive than the 5.5? 
Doesn't work for me. Cue's Eddie Cue's pet project :D On a serious note, does Cortana actually sound like that on Windows Phones? I've never tried one physically.The video is exactly how the Halo character sounds like. Siri still sounds robotic despite the improvements, Cortana in the vid sounds... organic
A man chooses, a slave obeys. Buy!
They better announce it at the same time! I'd hate to regret buying the 4.7 if the 5.5 is announced after the 4.7 launch
5.5 with no bezels could work.
this is beautiful
Welcome, nVidia. Seriously
Why is this on AI? Al Qaeda on AI? Wait.....
MI think you should consider building a hackintosh
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