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this is beautiful
Welcome, nVidia. Seriously
Why is this on AI? Al Qaeda on AI? Wait.....
MI think you should consider building a hackintosh
In other news, the rumored apple iCar got delayed into 2016 due to existential issues
Now imagine samsung copying this
Get the jailbreak swype tweak and combine that with the standard keyboard im happy
I see a red music icon. Beats integration?
There's more parallelism between the beats brand and apple than you might think.Beats like apple is revered amongst general consumers, hated by a subset of techies and loved by others.
The thing about oculus is that they're still in beta.Apple is more than a tech company, it's a lifestyle brand. What I see in Beats is an unparalleled ability to market their products in a way that's similar to AppleTheir hardware may not justify, but given Apples world class engineering team I think that's a relatively easy problem to solve.
New Posts  All Forums: