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The thing about oculus is that they're still in beta.Apple is more than a tech company, it's a lifestyle brand. What I see in Beats is an unparalleled ability to market their products in a way that's similar to AppleTheir hardware may not justify, but given Apples world class engineering team I think that's a relatively easy problem to solve.
Classic pump and Dump, here we go again
Hmmmm I wonder what will happen to OEMs who license the Beats brand, like htc with its beats audio. Apple isn't known for sharing their branding
Click bait. If this deal is true id expect a WWDC announcement
Whatever they do I hope they keep the 4".
And, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence
Monkey see, monkey do.
Interesting business model. How do they make money?
How Samsung.
Here we go again, if Jobs were alive bla bla blaYou must be new here
New Posts  All Forums: